• Are all A380 flights available here?
    Yes, if an A380 flight is an option, it will appear on iflyA380.com. Flight fares and availability are updated on a continuing basis to ensure that you are presented with recent information made available to us or obtained from third parties. Visit the booking page to seek for A380 flights now.
  • Are there bars and social areas in all A380s?
    That will depend on the airline you choose. Each airline has its own cabin configuration. It’s a way for them to differentiate from their competitors. Visit the airlines pages to discover their cabin offering.
  • Can you guarantee an A380 flight for every booking made via this website?
    Flights are based on the latest airline schedules however all airline operations are subject to last minute change. Should your flight be operated by another aircraft, we at Airbus share your disappointment, but wish to highlight that over 99 per cent of A380 flights are technically ready to depart within 15 minutes of their departure time.
  • Do you sell A380 merchandise?
    Yes, we do sell A380 merchandise. “Let's shop Airbus” is the official Airbus merchandise store, including official and certified aircraft models, clothes for men, women & kids, collectibles, accessories, and more. Discover our full set of A380 merchandise on http://www.airbus-shop.com/.
  • As the world’s biggest aircraft, how much room will I have on-board?
    You will have lots of room onboard. The A380 is the world’s most spacious aircraft and was designed to offer maximum passenger comfort. Whether you’re flying in First, Economy, or anywhere in between, you can relax knowing you’ll be flying with plenty of room.
  • Is it more expensive to fly on an A380?
    Each airline defines the price of their flights. But all A380s are designed to offer passengers the best value of any aircraft by being the most spacious, comfortable and relaxing experience in the sky. No other experience compares. On the ‘I fly A380’ website, flight fares and availability are displayed and updated on a continuing basis to ensure that you are presented with recent information made available to us or obtained from third parties. The ‘I fly A380 ‘ search tool also allows you to sort flight results by price.
  • Is the A380 environmentally friendly?
    The A380 is the most environmentally-friendly widebody aircraft in the world. With 40 per cent more capacity than its nearest competitor and low emission engines, the A380 burns 17 per cent less fuel per seat – translating to 17 per cent fewer CO2 emissions. Additionally, the A380 is the quietest widebody aircraft in the sky today, providing passengers with a peaceful cabin experience, while meeting the stringent requirements for operation at some of the most noise-sensitive airports in the world.
  • Is this service free for passengers?
    Yes, this service is free of charge. It enables you to identify and book A380 flights at no extra cost. As soon as you select a trip, you are redirected to the airline website to finalise the booking. The “I fly A380” website facilitates booking but does not replace each airline’s booking system.
  • What makes the A380 so special?
    Absolute comfort, more space, peace & quiet. The A380 sets the standards in travel comfort and brings the excitement back to flying. It is the world’s most spacious aircraft and ensures that no matter what class you fly in, you can enjoy a truly comfortable and memorable experience. But don’t take our word for it, check out our social wall to see what passengers themselves have to say about the A380.
  • I will be flying on an A380, where can I find information about the seating arrangements and cabin?
    Seating arrangements information can be found on airlines’ websites. A wide range of cabin options and amenities are available on the A380, allowing each airline to customise the aircraft’s interior to suit the specialised needs of their passengers. For more information on specific cabin configurations, check with the individual carriers – many of which have created dedicated A380 areas on their websites. You can visit our airlines’ pages for links to their websites.
  • Where does the A380 fly?
    More than 60 of the world’s top destinations are now served by the A380. And the A380’s route network continues to grow as airlines regularly expand their operations to exciting destinations around the globe. To discover where the A380 can take you, visit our destinations page.
  • Which airlines fly the A380?
    15 airlines around the world operate the A380. You can browse the A380 airlines on this website and find out more on the cabin and onboard services airlines have specially designed for you, as well as the world’s top destinations they serve with their flagship A380s.