Book your A380 flight

Designed for the passenger, the A380 offers unbeatable levels of comfort and the most fulfilling travel experience. With wider seats, passengers in all classes can relax, enjoy the flight and arrive refreshed.

Subtle mood lighting reduces the effects of jet-lag and unbelievably quiet cabins make it the most soothing way to travel.  An A380 flight is so smooth that you’ll find it hard to believe you have taken to the skies.

The A380 makes flying special again. It’s the benchmark in the travel experience.

·       The A380’s wider fuselage means wider seats and absolute comfort.

·       Wellbeing for passengers is enhanced with the soft glow of mood lighting throughout the cabin.

·       Larger windows bring more natural light in the cabin.

·       Enjoy the silence.  A380 cabins are 50% quieter.

·       No aircraft offers a smoother flight. Whether you’re taking off or landing, you’ll barely feel a bump.

·       Air quality on board the A380 is better than on any other aircraft. Our highly advanced air filters recycle cabin air every three minutes, continually renewing and humidifying it to give you the cleanest most refreshing breaths.

With the double-decker A380, airlines can offer the right seating arrangements and cabin amenities to optimize comfort and enjoyment for passengers in all classes.