Why You Should Fly the A380…for Your Round-the-World Trip

A380 runway airport nose plane lights on © Airbus

Where Should I Go?

The world is your oyster! Perhaps you could explore the cultural life in Paris and London, head right over to Sydney at the other side of the world, stopping by Melbourne and Singapore on your way back home.

Or start in London, head to Johannesburg, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and then enjoy some beach time in Los Angeles. There’s a huge amount of options whatever your tastes.

And if you’re not sure or are seeking inspiration, have a look at a planner like this one offered by One World.

Travel in Comfort

Whether you’re opting for high-end travel in First or Business Class or traveling in Economy Class, comfort is key on the A380. Its wider fuselage and increased headroom means even the Economy cabin feels more spacious than on other planes.

The air is fresher because advanced air filters recycle the air every three minutes and special mood lighting which changes according to the time of day can help decrease jet lag.

There’s also significantly  less engine noise in an A380 cabin than in other planes – even on take-off and landing – so your ride will be smoother and you should be able to sleep better.

There are also excellent entertainment systems to help keep you entertained– on Emirates, for example, you’ll have a TV screen which is over 13 inches wide, even in Economy Class, and up to 3,500 channels. And if you want to know more about the cabin, download the iflya380 app to take a virtual walk through the plane and decide where you want to sit.

Emirates A380 First Class seat Dubai Amsterdam © the Luxury Travel Expert

If you are lucky enough to be able to travel in First Class - perhaps by using your air miles wisely - your experience will be even more special.

On Singapore Airlines, you can enjoy a suite with sitting area and double bed, and Etihad even has a three-room suite with a private bathroom.

Emirates and Malaysia Airlines have chefs who will cook meals to order when you are hungry, some airlines including Korean Air and Qatar Airways have bars where passengers can mingle and enjoy cocktails and champagne, and Emirates has a Shower Spa - with Bulgari and Timeless Spa toiletries. You may not want to get off the plane!

Korean Air A380 First Class meal tea salad soup © John Walton

Around the World for $300

Use points from any airline loyalty schemes you belong to wisely and look out for special offers: you may be able to cut your costs quite significantly. One American traveler, author of blog Top Miles Sam Huang, took this to the extreme and managed to secure a $60,000 round-the-world First Class flight with Emirates for just $300… and most of his trip was on an A380!


He discovered that Bank of America and customer loyalty programme Starwood Rewards were offering 25,000 bonus miles to customers signing up to their credit cards.

By applying multiple times, he racked up enough miles for the trip of a lifetime, visiting 11 cities in seven countries on five continents. This traveler may take money-saving to the extreme, but nonetheless blogs such as this one give plenty of tips about current airline offers.

While you will probably struggle to fly around the world for $300, there are plenty of good deals to be had. Offers come and go, so it’s worth checking in regularly and planning as far in advance as you can.

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