Why You Should Choose the A380…for Your Honeymoon

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Where to Go?

The Caribbean – easily accessible by A380 from Miami Airport - was the most popular destination for honeymooners in 2018, according to a survey of more than 1,000 couples by wedding registry website Zola. Italy came second, followed by Hawaii and Mexico.

These destinations are only a few examples of what’s available to couples who want to jet off to their honeymoon on an A380.

Amsterdam offers art, music, cycling and a laid-back lifestyle, while Vancouver is lively and eclectic, and allows you to combine the buzz of a city, a coastal view and treks and trails at the Lighthouse Park, all in one trip.

Casablanca is exotic and romantic, while London and Paris are full of iconic sites with plenty to see and do. These are just a few options – check out the other A380 destinations too.

Honeymooners’ Experiences

Brian Cohen from New York wrote about his experience of flying First Class with Korean Air on an A380 from JFK to Seoul for part of his honeymoon on his blog Gate B3.

He described his seat as ‘one of the most comfortable in the world’ and was particularly impressed by the amenity kit which included Bose headphones and sleepwear. 

Korean Air A380 comfortable First Class seats © Ben Cohen
He wrote: ‘My wife and I have never experienced this kind of luxury in the sky… Overall, the A380 is an amazing way to fly, be it on First Class or otherwise. But if you can get a chance to fly up front at some point, you should definitely take it!’
A380 Korean Air First Class meal dessert © Ben Cohen

And even if you’re flying economy, choosing the A380 will help make your trip feel extra special. Vicky Parrott, a UK-based freelance automotive journalist took an A380 with Emirates from Heathrow to Doha on her way to her honeymoon in the Maldives. She said:

‘Both myself and my husband Jason were really impressed with the amount of leg room, even in Economy and how quiet it was, plus the TV screen quality and movie selection were great.

I fly regularly as a freelance journalist, but this was so much better than my usual flights. It was a real treat to feel quite spoilt despite being on quite a low budget by Maldives standards!

My experience was special enough that I’d be willing to pay a little extra to fly A380 for future holidays. It did add a bit of sparkle to the journey when you want it most!’

Here is another couple enjoying their Qantas Business Class seats: Mark and Janelle Potts on their honeymoon flight! They traveled to Wales, then to Venice and completed their trip in the South of France. Don’t they look happy?

This is Ricky & Jamie having a special honeymoon treat in their Singapore Airlines First Class Suite, on their flight from Singapore to New Zealand!

A Private Suite at 43,000 Feet

Singapore Airlines A380s features suites designed by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste with wooden details and leather armchairs, as well as sliding doors and window blinds for total privacy.

Best of all, two adjacent suites can be converted into a double to make your own private cocoon. Enjoy meals created by acclaimed chefs and served on bone china specially designed by Wedgwood in the privacy of your suite.

Honeymoon in Honolulu

Tickets will soon be available for the special A380 service for honeymooners due to be launched in March 2019 by ANA (All Nippon Airways). Tokyo to Honolulu is a popular route with couples celebrating their first days of marriage.

The three A380s flying this route will feature special livery including:

  • an emerald-green plane named “Kai” (meaning “ocean”) inspired by the clear waters of the Hawaiian Ocean, 
  • and an orange plane named “Ka La” (meaning “sunset”) to evoke a Hawaiian sunset,
  • a blue plane named “Lani” (meaning “sky”) as an homage to the Hawaiian blue sky. 

There will also be a brand-new airport lounge at Honolulu Airport.

ANA A380 blue turtle livery Lani © ANA
Your honeymoon is a unique moment in your life – and travelling by A380 can make it even more so!
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