Welcome "home", A380!

The A380 now flies from Hamburg to Dubai

On October 29, 2018, the world’s biggest aircraft landed in Hamburg at 12:55. At 16:30 it took off for Dubai. Hundreds of A380 fans watched the event live at Hamburg Airport or from one of the numerous observation points on the airfield.  

From October 30, Emirates will carry out one of its two daily flights between Hamburg and Dubai, the evening connection, with the A380. “The A380 is coming home at last!”, said Jörn Senkspiel, Head of A380 FAL Customer Management at Airbus in Hamburg, with genuine enthusiasm in his video message to the airport.


Made in Hamburg

Among other things, the large fuselage sections of the A380 are manufactured at the Hamburg site; the aircraft sections are joined on the final assembly lines in Hamburg and Toulouse, and in Hamburg all the A380s are equipped with their interior and painted.

“We are very pleased that our A380 not only comes from Hamburg but will now be flying to Hamburg regularly”, Jörn Senkspiel commented.

© Airbus

Offering North German customers the A380 experience

Thierry Antinori, Emirates Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, said: "This year we are celebrating our tenth year of operations with the A380. Over 105 million passengers have experienced the Emirates A380 to date, and they love this aircraft, that still sets the industry standard in commercial aviation. We are looking forward to offering our customers in North Germany the award-winning experience of the A380".

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