Visit the Cabin (From Home) Before Flying on the A380

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Visit the Cabin Before You Fly with the iflyA380 app

Whichever airline you choose for your A380 flight, you can pay a virtual reality visit to the cabin beforehand with the iflyA380 app.

Not only can you check out where you’d most like to sit, you can also visit parts of the plane you may not get to see in real life. For example, even if you’re flying Economy, you can still virtually explore the First Class cabin – and you can even get a pilot’s eye view from the cockpit!

It’s available free to download for both iOS devices and a wide range of Android devices.

Walk Through a Qatar Airways A380

On the Qatar website you can virtually walk all the way through the A380 – through the Economy Class cabin, up the stairs to Business Class where you can see the extra-large seats, and then into the First Class pods.

You can also experience the bar, as well as clicking through to Google Street View offering a 360-degree look around and examine any of the elements of the Qatar Airways cabin in closer detail.

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Check Out a Singapore Airlines A380 with 360-Degree Views

Singapore Airlines’ site allows you to click on to six different areas of the plane, and then have a 360-degree look around. After inspecting the entrance, you can have a look at a First Class suite, with large TV and potted orchids, as well as the suite’s private washroom.

Another tab takes you to Singapore Airlines’s Business Class to show how adjoining seats can be reclined to make a cosy double bed, while the final buttons show you Premium and Economy Class.

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Explore the A380 with Emirates

Emirates’ website offers you the chance to explore five different areas of their A380, as well as the option to zoom in within many of these. You can also see how they look with the cabin lights both on and off!

In Economy Class, as well as a 360-degree view of the whole cabin, you can experience how it might feel to sit in both a window seat and a seat with extra legroom. In Business Class you can also see a twin seat while in First Class, and experience seats with privacy doors as well as the entertainment system and minibar.

And why not have a virtual visit of Emirates’ Onboard Lounge with horseshoe-shaped bar, and the Shower Spa with luxurious toiletries and a stack of fresh towels. It’s also possible to visit the cabin via Google Street View.

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360 Video Visits with Qantas

Instead of a virtual visit, Qantas offers two-minute 360-degree videos about each of its cabins, during which you can search the cabin to find the highlighted features which pop up.

The Economy Class video features its 10.6 inch on-demand seatback entertainment screens, seats with foot rests and adjustable headrest, and pillows and blankets. It also highlights access to a self-service snack bar, its continual refreshment service and the facility to pre-order meals online.

The Business Class video shows how its wider seats convert into flat beds, as well as its bedding down service with mattress, blanket and pillows, Qantas sleepwear, limited edition amenity kits, sommeliers in the sky and Neil Perry-designed menus.

Meanwhile the First Class video highlights the multi-zone massage function of the seats which can also be made up as large, flat beds with mattresses, sheets and duvets.

Bonus: Qantas also provides a 360-degree outside view of one of its A380s. Take a look around their aircraft!

Preview Etihad Airways Cabins Before You Book

Etihad’s website also features short videos presenting each of its cabins. The video for the ultra-luxurious Residence focuses on the fine-dining meals, private ensuite bathroom with shower, turndown service in the private double bedroom and breakfast in bed.

The First Class video highlights the complimentary chauffeur-driven arrival in the UAE and the premium lounge. On board it shows the private ‘apartments’ and luxurious bathroom with shower.

They also demonstrate the features of Business Class, including an a la carte menu and a hotel-inspired meeting place. The Economy Class video shows activity packs for kids, entertainment systems with HD screens which can be shared, and cosy fleece blankets.

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