They Travel the World with Their Family - Episode 3: The Newcamps

We’ve been meeting amazing, trailblazing families who weave the magic of travel into the everyday lives of their children, opening their eyes to new adventures, countries, cultures and much, much more.

Let’s hear it from the Newcamps!

Meet the Newcamps From the United States

Elizabeth Diehl Newcamp and her partner are parents to three boys, aged 6, 4, and 2. They took their first trip together when their eldest son was six weeks old.

“We have continued to travel as we added kids,” says Elizabeth, who blogs about their adventures on her Dutch Dutch Goose website.

“My husband and I love to travel. It was one of the things that attracted us to each other, so we didn't see any reason to stop when we had kids.”

The Newcamps have been living in the Netherlands but will soon return home to the US. The family has so far visited more than 50 countries.

“We try to look at a year and budget both our money and time,” says Elizabeth. “Our budget is our largest constraint. I think flexibility in where we are going leads to the largest cost savings. Even when we are not taking trips far away, we like to do lots of local exploring."

“Our trips vary in length depending on why we are and what we want to do. They range from quick city trips to road trips, where we never set foot in a city. We've traveled by ferry, cruise, boat, car and, of course, plane. "

“We spent two weeks driving a camping car around France staying at farms where the kids were able to help out. Another time, we traveled through the Sahara Desert in Morocco and stayed overnight in a camp there. We've also gone to Arctic Circle in Finland, where we took a reindeer safari and drove a dog sled. That was when my youngest was 3 months old.”

Elizabeth has started home-schooling the kids, in part to provide more flexibility for family travel outside more expensive peak-season times.

“Already this year, we've gone to Malta after the tourist crowds had left. We’d also like the flexibility to visit places when a particular plant is in bloom or a particular festival is happening. With home-schooling, I’m able to tailor our lessons around what we will be seeing and doing on the trip."

"When we spent two weeks in Provence in France, I was armed with books and activities about the Romans. So when we visited Pont du Gard, it fitted neatly into what we were already studying.” 

“Travel is a great tool for teaching. The kids have seen real-world examples of so many of the things you study in school. We've walked along Roman walls and explored inside caves. The boys have seen so many different cultures and met so many people.

They try the local foods and play with the local kids. They have friends who don't even speak the same language. We love that they have learned to make friends and play with kids around the world.”

“We hope these experiences will make them ‘citizens of the world’, and tolerant and understanding adults."


Flying with Kids

“I try to make the kids as comfortable as possible. Although I'm usually quite strict about tablet time, TV and snacks, all of this goes out the window when we are on a plane. I let them binge on snacks and screens. I also make sure to bring plenty of other entertainment options for the whole group. I count on them not sleeping and I’m then happy when they do sleep.

“We also love these Simply for Flying logbooks. The kids take them on flights and send them up to the cockpit to get signed by the pilot. It’s also a great way to keep track of how many flights they’ve taken, flight miles and aeroplane types.

The real lovely part though is when pilots invite the kids into the cockpit after the flight or give them flight maps. That’s a great way to engage the process of flyin."

Planning Your Itinerary

“Try and stay flexible,” says Elizabeth. “We try to have one goal for each day. We aim to see or do X and everything else is bonus. If it’s pouring rain, we may decide to go back to the hotel and watch movies – that’s OK, particularly on a long trip.”

Elizabeth says it’s important for everyone to get enough rest.

“If everyone has slept poorly, then switch to a lighter schedule for the day. And take advantage of naptimes when you’re out and about – for example, you could see a museum while your little one is sleeping in a stroller.”

What to See and Do

“We make sure our plans include lots of active time for the kids and then some things for the adults,” says Elizabeth. “Train the kids for what you want them to do. Our kids are good in museums because we have taken them to tons of museums. They know what to expect and what behavior is expected of them."

“At museums I always ask if there’s a kids’ pack or we make up a little scavenger hunt. One of our favorite games at art galleries is to pick out one painting in the room that we’d love to hang in our house.” 

Flying the A380

“We flew Air France from Paris to New York on an A380. We flew economy and found the cabins quieter than on other planes,” says Elizabeth. “Each seat has a personal entertainment system, which of course makes things much easier traveling with the kids. Even our littlest, who was just one at the time of the flight, loved playing with the entertainment system.

The Newcamps love to share their experience. You can follow their expat travels and lifestyle on social media thanks to their Instagram and Twitter family account. They also have a detailed family blog for tips and trips!

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