They Travel the World with Their Family – Episode 1: The Halls

We’ve been meeting amazing, trailblazing families who weave the magic of travel into the everyday lives of their children, opening their eyes to new adventures, countries, cultures and much, much more. Let’s hear it from the Halls!

Meet the Halls, From the United Kingdom

Imogen Hall, from London, is social media manager for the kids’ division of travel publishers Lonely Planet. She lives and breathes travel, so it’s not surprising that her kids have also caught the travel bug. 

Imogen has three children, now aged 11, 9 and 4 – all three took their first overseas adventure when they were still in nappies. “My husband and I have both worked at Lonely Planet for nearly 20 years, so travel has been integral to our lives. We knew that having kids wasn't going to change that.”

With the older kids now in school, their trips are timed to make the most of school holidays. “We've done a lot of European trips, such as taking the train from London to Slovenia, camping in Switzerland, and weeks in Istanbul and Marrakech.

Last year we celebrated our 40th birthdays with a trip to Namibia that involved a self-drive safari, camping in the desert and exploring a little-visited place called Damaraland.

But we also love discovering new places closer to home in the UK.”Imogen says the children benefit from experiencing other cultures and languages.

“Travel gives them an understanding that the world is a much bigger place than the London postcode in which we live. Traveling has taught our kids to be tolerant and understanding of other people. It’s also taught them flexibility – things will go wrong, you might be hot, bored or hungry, but you can work it out.”

Tips for Your Family Adventure

Planning Your Itinerary

When choosing destinations, Imogen says her family looks for “culturally interesting” places, but also destinations with enough treats to keep the kids entertained – such as waterparks.

“Italy has worked really well on a number of occasions, partly because the Italians are so welcoming to kids and the food is so child-friendly, but also because we find it culturally and historically interesting – and beautiful!”

Planning Longer Trips

“Test longer trips out first by taking smaller trips,” says Imogen. “Also take ideas and inspiration from other nomadic families out there who are documenting their travels.”You can follow @lpkids on Twitter for more tips and advice for traveling as a family

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