The Best A380 Airport Facilities for Traveling With Your Baby

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Be One Step Ahead with Priority Boarding

It’s always good to get any flight off to a positive start – and that’s exactly what happens when you take advantage of priority boarding offered by many A380 airlines (*see list at the end).

Boarding first when you have a mini-traveler gives you extra time to get settled into your seat, arrange your bags, feed your baby, and make any last-minute nappy adjustments.

To help your flight get off to a smooth start, arrive at your departure gate nice and early so that you’ll be ready when your flight is called for boarding.

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A Wheely Good Idea!

Most airports provide courtesy strollers to help you navigate the terminal while your baby’s stroller is safely stored in the A380 hold. This can be particularly helpful on stopovers, when you need to change gates or if your baby needs to sleep between flights. The strollers are usually free to use, or available for a small surcharge.

Strollers can be found in the departures and arrivals areas at most major airports, including: Paris Charles de Gaulle, Changi Airport in Singapore, Narita Airport in Tokyo, Kansai Airport in Osaka, and airports in Frankfurt, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London Gatwick, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Why not ask your airline or check your airport’s website to see if strollers are available for your next flight? (*see list at the end)

Most airports, like Charles de Gaulle in Paris, list this information online, while others – including Frankfurt Airport – have handy online guides with stroller points clearly marked.

Baby Care Rooms – for Peace and Quiet

Modern airports provide restaurants and cafes for older passengers, along with clean and comfortable rest rooms. So there’s no reason why similar facilities shouldn’t be offered to passengers who come in smaller sizes.

Gone are the days when moms and dads needed to search the darkest corners of an airport for a quiet corner for feeding or nappy changing.

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And A380 airports really deliver when it comes to modern baby care facilities.

Changi Airport has a reputation for being one of the world’s most child-friendly airports – and not without good reason. The airport’s two baby care rooms are colorful, fun, and – most importantly – spotlessly clean and welcoming.

Cassandra Andrews, who lives in Sydney and travels through Changi regularly with her two small children, says the airport’s child-friendly reputation is well deserved.

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“Aside from the great changing facilities, the restrooms are always beautifully clean, with large cubicles so you can take your pushchair in with you.

In the departures lounge and in the stopover lounges there are large chairs that make breastfeeding easy and comfortable.There are also plenty of quiet nooks to rest in, including a garden area if you need some peace and quiet to get the baby to sleep.”

Not to be forgotten is another baby-friendly airport: Hong Kong International. It offers lovely spaces for moms and dads with their babies. And this is one of the 39 baby care areas at Hong Kong International Airport.

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Similar services exist at Dubai International Airport, while Los Angeles International Airport has nursing stations in every terminal, as does JFK in New York and Chicago’s O’Hare International. 

Don’t forget you can also use shower facilities at transit hotels if you need to clean yourself – or baby – up after one too many in-flight ‘accidents’.

Play Areas – Fun for Everyone

When you’re new to this world, there’s nothing quite like having a good roll around in a soft and colourful place. Exploring new places, after all, isn’t just for moms and dads.

Major A380 airports offer play areas for children of all ages, with special areas usually set aside for the youngest travelers of all.

Frankfurt Airport has themed soft sensory play areas in both terminal one and two – ideal for using up some energy ahead of the flight.

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The sleek airport in Doha and Narita Airport in Tokyo have several play areas for moms, dads and babies to enjoy. Hong Kong International Airport, meanwhile, has no fewer than eight areas with toys and games, as well as TVs with cartoons to keep younger children occupied. And Heathrow offers a free soft play area in Terminal 1.

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And Before you Even Fly…

While restrictions apply on taking liquids through security at airports, there are usually exemptions to enable parents to take enough milk and other foods to ensure a happy flight.

If you’re in doubt – or if you want to top up on milk at the airport prior to departure – check the airport’s website for information on shops selling baby supplies.

Heathrow makes this even easier with a special ‘click and collect’ service for milk and other baby products.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, meanwhile, has family check-in areas. At JFK, Heathrow, Milano Malpensa, San Francisco airport and more there is a special lane dedicated to families with children in strollers.

This family lane will help you skip the busiest security queues and get through to the departures lounge with minimal fuss. Some airports don’t have them year-round but will open them during peak traveling periods when a greater number of families are flying.

And that makes for happy moms, dads and babies!

Read this article if you need more top tips for flying with babies.

*Airlines information on flying with your baby:

- Air France

- Asiana Airlines

- British Airways

- China Southern Airlines

- Emirates

- Etihad

- Korean Air    

- Lufthansa

- Malaysia Airlines

- Qantas

- Qatar Airways

- Singapore Airlines

- Thai Airways


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