The A380 Airports Where You Can Rest and Sleep

Munich Airport resting areas small garden chairs © Munich Airport

Traveling can be tiring, and sometimes you might want to sleep while you are waiting for your plane, or during a layover.

But you don’t always need to head for a hotel – depending on your budget and how long you are likely to be at the airport, there are often other options available to you too. We have a look at some of the places you can rest or freshen up.

Comfy Chairs and a Refreshing Mist at Singapore Changi Airport

Changi has five ‘snooze lounges’ featuring comfy loungers, spread across its four terminals. After a nap you could head for the outdoor bar which offers a refreshing mist to help wake you up. There are also three transit hotels, including one with a swimming pool in Terminal 1.

Singapore Changi Airport Rest areas free lounge chair © Singapore Changi Airport

Catherine Lux from Lux Life is a big fan of the Aerotel transit hotel  (which will cost you $55 for six hours). She said: ‘I fly between Sydney and London regularly and I always choose a longer 8 hour layover so I can get a four to five hour sleep in between flights and wake up refreshed so I can go straight to the office when I arrive.

You can book a solo room for six hours and they give you basic amenities so you can have a shower in the communal but individual and lockable bathrooms. I always sleep really well as the rooms are quiet and cosy.’

Aerotel room Singapore Changi Airport © Aerotel Singapore

Napcabs at Munich Airport

If you’ve got a few hours at Munich airport and want a nap or just some quiet time, Napcabs are the answer. Costing from around €10 per hour and bookable for as little as two hours, Napcabs come with a bed and desk, and music which can be selected according to your taste. There are also three designated rest zones in the airport, with reclining seats and footrests, with showers available for a small fee.

Munich Airport rest zones Napcabs © Munich Airport

Massage Chairs and More at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Massage chairs offer five-minute Shiatsu massages in futuristic pods while you listen to relaxing music or watch calming images on a screen at Amsterdam Airport – all for just €2. There’s also a non-denominational meditation space if you’re after peace and quiet rather than actual sleep.

And if you want a power nap between flights without having to go through security, you’ve got the Mercure Hotel in Lounge 3 (where you can book in just for a shower rather than booking a room if you like) and Yotelair in Lounge 2 which can be booked for a minimum of four hours.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Shiatsu massage pods © Massage-O-Matic

Stretch it Out at Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver Airport’s quiet area (free of charge) comes with a stretching mat, comfortable seating, low-volume speakers and soft lighting – plus signs asking people not to make noise. Shhhhhh... it’s quiet time!

Family Rest Areas at Zurich Airport

As well as kids’ lounges with multi-lingual childcarers in departure areas A and E at Zurich Airport, there are also breastfeeding and sleeping rooms which can be used free of charge by those traveling with babies.

There’s also a transit hotel between Gates B and D which offers single, double and multi-bed rooms with wash basins and TVs.

Alternatively, you could opt for one of 12 individual, semi-private rest areas with reclining chairs, wool blankets and lockers.

Those semi-private rest areas can be booked in blocks of three ($20) or six hours ($25), or overnight ($30). Showers with towels and toiletries are included in the price for either option – or you can simply pay for a shower if you simply want to freshen up rather than rest ($15).

Zurich Airport individual rest areas © Zurich Airport

Five-Star Transit Hotel at Dubai International Airport

If you want to spoil yourself and feel fully relaxed during your layover at Dubai International Airport, the Dubai International Hotel offers everything you need from luxurious lounges and nine restaurants to meet and greet services and a spa.

And if your budget won’t stretch to a room or your layover isn’t very long, you can pay simply to use the hotel’s health clubs with hot tubs, steam rooms and showers.

Dubai Airport International Hotel room © Dubai International Hotel

Enjoy a Sleep and a Sauna at Seoul Incheon International Airport

You can opt for capsule hotel Darakhyu in Terminal 1 at Seoul Incheon International Airport which offers cosy single or double rooms with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth speakers, a desk and air conditioning – plus some come with showers.

Individual shower rooms can be used free of charge in several locations around the airport, with towels and toiletries available for a small fee.

Seoul Incheon Airport capsule hotel Darakhyu © Jetstar

Alternatively at Seoul Incheon International Airport you can enjoy a sauna or a soak in a hot tub at the Spa On Air, as well as a massage if you like, followed by a nap in their comfy lounge.

Take it Easy at Frankfurt Airport

There are several rest areas throughout Frankfurt Airport with hardwood floors, plants and warm lighting for a calm ambience, plus power sockets in case you have devices you want to charge while you rest.

Or if you want a more private space, the My Cloud Transit Hotel in Terminal 1 offers rooms which can be booked by the hour with beds, desks, washrooms and showers.

To stay here you will need to be traveling to or from a country outside the Schengen area – otherwise you could opt for the Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel which has almost 1,000 rooms is connected to Terminal 1 via a footbridge and offers day rooms subject to availability.

Frankfurt Airport My Cloud Transit Hotel © My Cloud Transit Hotel
Airports can be hectic places – but there’s almost always somewhere where you can take some time out and rest – however short or long your stay and whatever your budget.
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