Relax, it’s the A380! Experience a Smoother Economy Class Flight

Economy Class woman traveling smiling seat

Yes, flying long-haul in Economy Class can be exciting – and the A380 can help make your journey much more enjoyable than on other airplanes.

The A380 is the largest commercial aircraft in the skies today. It’s been designed to provide more room – and more comfort – right across the airplane.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Flight!

A380 cabins are much quieter than on many other airliners, meaning you can sit back and relax. You won’t have to worry about the sound of the jet engines keeping you awake or disturbing your in-flight entertainment.

No one likes staying in a confined space for hours at a time. That’s why the A380’s designers have provided more space for you. The wider A380 fuselage means it is possible to have more modern seats with adjustable headrests, armrests and seatbacks. You’ll also have extra room to move around the cabin when you want to stretch your legs.

Here is what A380 travelers had to say about the cabin comfort.
On Twitter, Paul Kaye raved about how calm and quiet his flight was. 

Tom McGinty praised the smooth ride and leg room on his flight to Korea. Danny Lee went as far as to describe the A380 as a “godsend” on his 13-hour flight!

In addition to comfortable leg room, many A380 airlines also have extra storage space. The overhead lockers are easy to open and provide plenty of room for your bags and duty-free shopping.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of the fresher air on your flight. That’s because the A380 uses advanced air filters to recycle cabin air every three minutes – this can make a big difference when you’re in the air for so many hours at a time.

The Best Service in the Sky

The A380 is usually configured to carry slightly over 500 passengers – that’s a lot of seats to choose from! Airline policies differ, but it’s usually possible to choose your seat ahead of check-in to ensure you can sit where you want (and here is a tip: you can even take a virtual walk through the cabin before booking using the iflyA380 app).

The A380’s Economy class has a standard 3-4-3-seat configuration across the cabin. However airlines differ, with some – including Qantas and British Airways – also offering a few economy seats in pairs (available in Premium Economy, meaning you have to pay extra for an upgrade). These can provide extra privacy.

Relaxing on Board

As you’ve been told a thousand times, it’s important to stay well hydrated to beat tiredness and to help reduce the effects of jet lag on long-haul flights. A380 airlines provide drinks and snacks in economy cabins throughout your flight. Some airlines have self-service bars on the main deck of some flights so you can top up your glass at leisure.

When it comes to eating on board, some airlines let you browse menus and reserve your breakfast, lunch and evening meals via their website or app ahead of your flight.

For rest and relaxation, in-flight entertainment varies across airlines. However most A380s have personalized, high-tech movie and music systems that mean you can choose from hundreds of latest release films, TV shows and music throughout your flight. Sit back, snuggle up with your blanket (which could be made from 100% recycled plastic bottles - on your next Emirates flight) and pillow and enjoy your very own in-flight experience.

Once you’ve flown Economy Class on the A380, you won’t want to fly any other way!

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