From London to Bangkok (via Dubai) in Economy Class: My A380 Experience

© Diane

Diane is a senior planner with a media agency in London.

She recently had the opportunity to take not one, but four A380 flights!

Her trip to Thailand took her from London Gatwick to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi via Dubai with Emirates – and she chose to fly every leg of the four-flight return journey on an A380. This is what she said about her experience.

Choosing a Flight

“I deliberately chose to fly on the A380 when I booked my flights,” said Diane. “I saw that there wasn’t a big price difference. I’d flown on the A380 a few times before when I was living in America and really enjoyed it.”

© Diane

Even when boarding it felt different to another aircraft – there were so many people it was quite impressive. It was very well organised – quicker to get on and settled than usual because the plane was so big and we were boarded by areas.”

On the Plane

“I sat by the window and got comfy – unpacked the blanket and headphones.

© Diane

On the first flight particularly I felt like I had a lot of space – there was a lot of room between my seat and the window.

It was great that it was so spacious especially as this was my first long-haul flight alone and it was nice not to have to feel that was my personal space was being invaded.

© Diane

It was dark outside so on the first flight I was mainly looking at the entertainment system to see what was available – it was impressive how much there was to enjoy.”

A Smooth Journey

“The take off was really gentle – I could barely hear or feel anything even though I was close to the wing. It was a lot smoother than any other plane.   It was very quiet, even though there were so many people on the plane.

The first flight was about seven hours – I watched a film and then we received a menu. We could choose from two mains – there was also a dessert and starter. They were really nice.

© Diane

After that I watched movies and tried to sleep a little. On the way out I didn’t sleep much as I was too excited about my trip but on the way back, I slept fairly well. Part of my reason for choosing the A380 is that I knew it would give me the best chance of getting some sleep.”

Calm Lighting

“I really liked when it was dark, there were little stars on the ceiling of the plane."

© Diane

“We had some breakfast and the landing was also very smooth – it surprised me. I always choose to sit by the window and it was really exciting to see the landscape as we landed. Disembarking was also quick and easy.”

© Diane

A Quick Layover

My layover was only a couple of hours so I barely had to wait at all – the transition was very smooth. I know Dubai is quite a cool airport but sadly I didn’t have time to explore it properly!

When I was on the plane though there were a lot of videos about what to do at the airport which would have been very helpful if I’d have had more time. The second flight was in the daytime which meant I could enjoy the view from the window.”

© Diane

Careful Choices

“When I was a student and lived abroad, I flew long-haul often to get home to see family and didn’t really pay much attention to which flight I was booking – I’d just go for what was cheapest or most convenient.

These days, I travel more for pleasure and what type of plane I travel on matters much more to me as I see it as all part of the experience. That’s why I chose the A380 for this trip.”

© Diane

A Restful Trip

“On the way back, even though it was a long journey involving two flights, I felt much more rested than I had expected to. I was surprised by how far back I could recline the seat and had plenty of leg room – and I could even sit cross-legged on my seat with no problem. With the blanket and pillow they supplied and the neck pillow I’d brought, I was really comfortable.”

© Diane

“When I arrived in London, I was working the day after I landed so I was a bit worried about still feeling jet lagged, but it wasn’t a problem. I’d slept a lot and didn’t feel exhausted. It didn’t feel stuffy at all on the plane which I think helped.”

© Diane

For Next Time

“I’d definitely fly the A380 next time, especially if I have meetings or something to do soon after landing, as I arrived feeling so much more refreshed than usual. The only thing I’d do differently next time is order my food in advance.

I’m actually very picky with food and I was surprised at how good it was – the meat was well-cooked and we had real cutlery too which I wasn’t expecting.

I’d have liked a vegetarian option as I’m trying to eat less meat and have since discovered there are several – you just have to order them in advance. But really, it was as close to a perfect trip as you can get!”

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