Flying on the Airbus A380: Long-Haul Flight at Its Best

Female passenger waking up in Business Class seat A380 long-haul flight

Let’s face it: to enjoy a long flight, you need to enjoy the entire experience. Obviously, there’s a whole lot of difference between a three-hour flight across Europe or interstate, and an intercontinental voyage that lasts half a day or more.

The designers and engineers behind the A380 knew this.

They started with a blank sheet of paper and a double objective. First, reducing airport congestion – with commercial air travel expected to double by 2035, which they achieved thanks to a bigger plane. Second, creating a smoother, quieter and more spacious airplane that will suit every passenger’s need – and so they filled the A380 with clever design features and creature comforts to make spending a day in the air enjoyable.

Your Journey Starts at Home

You can start planning your flight before you even climb on board. Using the iflyA380 app, take a virtual walk in 360° through the cabin and choose your seat before booking, to help make sure you’re sitting exactly where you want to be.

This is a great way to take control of your day – even on longer flights like Auckland to Dubai or Dallas to Sydney (both more than 17 hours).

From your home or office to your airplane seat, you can relax and take time out – just as you would on a day off work.

In Business and First Class, you can sit back, settle in and watch a new-release film hot from the box office. Maybe enjoy a glass of Dom Pérignon Champagne on an Emirates flight or a Leogate Estate Shiraz if you’re flying Qantas. On British Airways planes, eat from a menu crafted by world-renowned chefs like Georges Blanc, Matthew Moran and Carlo Cracco.

When your film ends, freshen up in the bathroom before switching off with a nightcap or a hot chocolate before bed.

Wake up well-rested and start your day with a delicious breakfast before settling in to enjoy the remainder of your flight. And if you're flying First Class on Emirates, you will even be able to enjoy a hot shower and arrive especially refreshed. Don’t take our word for it...

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Man shower happy A380 Emirates First Class

Take time out from the ‘real’ world: relax and recharge your batteries. Read. Sleep. Breathe. Enjoy.

Top Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Long-Haul Flight

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Choose layers that you can easily take off or put on throughout the flight.
  • Keep your flight bag to a minimum by packing only what you need. This helps you find the things you really need, and also keep your seat area neat and relaxing. If you have a stopover, you’ll also have fewer belongings to carry on and off the airplane.
  • Pack a good book and/or your tablet. To get a taste of what to expect, you can also check the flight’s entertainment guide ahead of time to see which films are playing.
  • Remember to request your meals in advance if you are vegetarian or have other dietary requirements.
  • Arrive early so you can check in with plenty of time and enjoy browsing in the airport shops and, if you’re flying First Class, delight in exclusive airport facilities like the Qatar Airways First Class spa.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated during you long-haul flight. And don’t forget to pack your favorite moisturizer to keep your skin fresh!
  • A good trick if you change time zones is to set your watch to your new timezone when boarding the plane to help you adjust before you even reach your destination.
  • Extra cabin space for travelers means you can use the A380’s wide aisles to stretch your legs throughout the flight… especially if you are 6 feet tall!

Most importantly: relax and enjoy your A380 experience!

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