Flying for Business? Discover How Well the A380 Can Work for You

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There’s often something that needs your attention even after you’ve left the office. Then you’re in the right plane! The A380 provides the perfect combination of comforts to help you enjoy your time in the sky while working in Business Class. Let’s see how in detail.

Business Tools at 40,000 Feet

Each Business Class seat on the A380 also has a spacious table that can be transformed into a work space within seconds.

Do you need to write a report or check your meeting schedule en route? No problem! A380s have electric sockets to help power all your gadgets. Charge your laptop, tablet or cellphone without leaving your seat.

Business Class seats are also fully integrated with USB or HDMI ports so you can hook your laptop, tablet or phone into your personal TV monitor.

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And if you need your caffeine fix to finish that project plan, it’s only the push of a button away.

Staying Connected

Most A380 airlines – including Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways – now offer Wi-Fi for Business passengers.

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You can also use your tablet while you’re flying. The Air France Play app, for example, has a range of French and international periodicals available free of charge for Business passengers. That means you can enjoy your favorite business journals at no extra charge. 

Flying With Colleagues

The Business Class cabins of A380s can be ideal if you’re traveling with colleagues. When flying with Qatar Airways, why not request seats together so that you can discuss projects and plans for meetings while en route?

The Qsuite offers forward-facing seats and you can use your adjacent desks to workshop ideas, devise strategies, and develop client solutions while you fly. This arrangement is called “the quad” and comes with movable panels that will allow you to transform your space into a coworking area at 40 000 ft!

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Take Time Out

Resting helps to recharge the batteries and to refocus your thoughts.

However, when done resting you can move and stretch in the cabin as well: arms, legs, wrist, elbows… all body parts left unsolicited when you’re seated. Stand up and walk in the alley or stretch from your seat… your move!

Ready for a break from work? You can finally catch that movie that you wanted to see. Some inflight entertainment systems even save your favorites so you can enjoy them on your next flight.

You can also order special inflight meals from the gourmet menu and drinks. And for a change of scene, why not wander to the on-board Business Class bar and lounge for a drink - with Emirates, Singapore Airlines or Korean Air - or to make new friends?

Arrive Fresh for Business – or Pleasure

On-board A380 creature comforts like luxury flat beds and individual cabin spaces make it easy to rest up and enjoy your flight. Airlines like Korean Air offer a wake-up service – this is great because it can help you adjust to your new time zone, making the transition much easier.

This extra luxury in Business Class cabins means you can get enough rest during your flight to take full advantage of the comfortable work environment prior to landing. Put the finishing touches on project plans or meeting agendas to ensure you’re fully prepared for each and every work trip.

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