Flying Business and First Class on the Airbus A380: Is It a Plane or a Luxury Hotel ?

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2017 First Class suite A380 converting double bed Singapore Airlines

Airlines flying A380 routes offer some of the best onboard features in the world. In many ways, the modern airplane is like a luxury hotel - just 35,000 ft above the ground.

This is made possible thanks to the extra space on the A380 – the world’s largest passenger airplane.

If you can picture yourself staying in the elegant surrounds of a four - or five-star hotel, then you can picture flying in Business or First Class on an A380.

And just like in a luxury hotel, you can relax and enjoy your time without making any effort!

Enjoy menus developed by the world’s leading chefs - such as Georges Blanc, Matthew Moran and Carlo Cracco on British Airways - and retire afterward to the comfort of your own bed.

No chopping. No cooking. No hassle. You and your family will be treated like rock stars. If you’re flying with your kids, they’ll love the in-flight entertainment and the special treats that come with flying with an A380 airline.

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People resting seats Emirates Business Class A380

Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax.

Here Are Some of the Wonderful Features You Can Enjoy on Your Next A380 Flight.

From tables and sitting spaces to extra storage and mini-bars, the designers and engineers behind the A380 have thought of everything.

This Qantas A380 cabin provides both luxury and comfort. Imagine yourself enjoying this adjustable plush seat!

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Adjustable push seat A380 First Class Qantas

Flying Asiana Airlines from Seoul to New York? This could be your seat!

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Seat A380 First Class suite Asiana Airlines

A380 airlines offer Business and First Class passengers fully reclining seats and, in some cases, their own full-length bed.

If you’re in need of rest after a long day at work, the Air France A380 First Class cabin - which is called ‘La Première’ - has the extra space you need.

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Seat bed ‘La Première’ Air France A380 First Class

One of the truly unforgettable features of the Emirates A380 is the First Class bathroom and spa. The A380 is famous for it! Enjoy a piping hot shower before you settle in for the night, or take a shower in the morning so you arrive at your destination fresh. You’ll even receive a luxurious amenity kit that comes complete with Bulgari’s floral woody fragrance, Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc, and skincare essentials to keep you pampered throughout your flight.

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Bathroom shower A380 Emirates First Class spa

A380s have the space to provide full lounge and bar areas that allow you to relax as you would in a boutique hotel bar in London or Dubai.

When you feel like stretching your legs or mingling with other passengers, take a walk to the bar of the Etihad A380.

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Bar A380 Etihad Airways Business First Class

Or share a martini on a Korean Air flight.

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Bar First Class A380 Korean Air

The attention to detail stretches to other parts of the airplane.

A380s have state-of-the-art entertainment systems with the latest film, TV and radio systems. You may also receive a pair of sound-proof headphones to help you switch off from the outside world.

Settle into your Lufthansa flight with a film on your own full-size TV.

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Seat First Class A380 full-size TV Lufthansa

Afterwards, enjoy a made-to-order meal prepared from menus developed by famous international chefs.

A380 kitchens and galleys are large and spacious, providing plenty of room for airline staff to prepare fresh, wholesome meals.

For example, you can feast on local cuisine and indulge in fine wines on Malaysia Airlines or China Southern Airlines.

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Chicken Satay food A380 Business Class Malaysia Airlines

© China Southern Airlines
Food special meals China Southern Airlines

These great services and facilities start before you board and don’t end until you’ve arrived at your destination.

Indeed, when you fly Business or First Class on an A380, you will benefit from a range of amazing airport facilities.

Why not relax in this Singapore Airlines lounge while you’re waiting for your flight at the Sydney Airport? Just don’t fall asleep on the comfortable seats and miss your flight!

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Corner seats SilverKris Lounge Sydney airport Singapore Airlines

Meanwhile, if you are flying First Class and stopping over in Doha, you can take advantage of the Qatar Airways First Class spa. Sounds tempting, right?

© Qatar Airways
Jacuzzi Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Lounge Doha

As you can see, flying in the A380 is so much more than a simple plane journey. It really is a luxury experience designed to make your time as enjoyable as possible. It’s just like being at a top hotel – except this one’s 35,000 ft in the air!

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