Five Fun Facts About Narita International Airport, Tokyo - NRT

Tokyo Narita Airport NRT Terminal 3 travelers © Alamy

There’s a Gallery Devoted to Toilets

Japanese toilets generally offer a dizzying array of functions which you don’t find in Western toilets, and Gallery TOTO in Terminal 2 celebrates this – as well as allowing you to try them for yourselves.

The ten cubicles are decorated with images of landscapes, and silhouetted images of people projected onto the external LED-screen walls give the impression you can see what’s going on inside (including dancing and cleaning) – while in fact the occupants have complete privacy. The space also functions as a showcase for century-old Japanese bathroom brand TOTO.

Tokyo Narita Airport Gallery TOTO Terminal 2 Japanese toilets © Large Luminor Surfaces

You Can Learn About the Traditional Japanese Art of Kabuki

Kabuki is a highly-stylized form of Japanese drama incorporating mime, song and dance, with elaborate costumes and performed only by men. Kabuki Gate at the airport is a combination of a shop and gallery where you can explore this ancient art.

Costumes and wigs are on display and you can see what you’d look like in full Kabuki make up thanks to the Kabuki Face Photo Booth.

Other cultural experiences are often available around Narita International Airport on an ad hoc basis too – everything from the chance to try on tradition armour to dance performances and exhibitions.

Tokyo Narita Airport Kabuki Japanese Art © Narita Airport

It Has a Pet Hotel

Pet Inn Royal Hotel is set within the airport and operate 24 hours a day, allowing doting pet owners to rest assured that their furry friends will be looked after well while they are on their trip.

The hotel can house up to 250 dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and hamsters and offers not only cages and cabins but standard rooms, deluxe rooms and even suites. Facilities include an animal hospital, a large outdoor dog-walking area and a pet gym.

You Can Buy Toys from Dozens of Gacha Machines

Got small change left over from your trip? On the first basement floor of Terminal 2 you’ll find rows and rows of Gacha machines – a little like bubble gum dispensers - which eject toys in clear plastic bubbles in exchange for coins.

It can be like a lucky dip – you don’t always get to choose exactly which one you want, but dozens of popular Japanese cartoon characters are represented, and you can choose machines which take slightly more or less money according to your wish (and the prize you are hoping for).

Narita Tokyo Airport Gacha Machines toys bubbles © Allison

There Are Sleep Pods

Capsule hotels originated in Japan, so it’s perhaps no great surprise to find one here. However, the Nine Hours Hotel offering is more akin to the original capsules than the compact rooms most people now expect from a capsule hotel.

The pods are just 110 cm wide by 220 cm tall, with separate sections for men and women. Washing facilities are also communal (though again separate for men and women) and you receive special Nine Hours lounge wear when you check in. If you haven’t got time for a nap, you can also book in just for a shower.

Narita Tokyo Airport capsule Nine Hours Hotel © Nine Hours Hotel
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