Five Fun Facts About Hamad International Airport, Doha - DOH

You Can Fly With a Falcon

If you’re flying Economy class with Qatar Airways, you can take a falcon into the cabin with you, as long as you inform the airline in advance and the bird has the correct documentation, including a passport. The falcon must be hooded during the flight, but does not have to be kept in a cage.

Etihad Airways will also allow falcons to fly in a similar way in the cabin with you, while Emirates insists that all animals brought on board are caged. There is also usually a limit to how many falcons will be allowed per cabin, and additional costs to bring them on board vary from airline to airline.

It’s Got a Pool, Spa and Fitness Centre

If you’ve got a medium-length layover at Hamad International Airport or simply want to relax, freshen up or reenergize before or after your flight, head for the Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Centre.

As well as a stunning 25-metre glass-roofed pool hung above the terminal, there’s a fully equipped gym and shower room with towels, slippers, toiletries and more.

There are also squash courts with racquets, balls and shoes provided, plus anti-jet lag massages and other beauty and body treatments available.

There’s Art Everywhere

The airport operates a partnership with Qatar Museums to display works of art throughout its terminals. Some were created especially for the airport by local artists, such as a desert horse sculpture by Ali Hassan and large-scale murals by Faraj Daham.

There are also pieces acquired from international artists including ‘Other Worlds’ by American sculptor Tom Otterness – a large bronze figure which features slides and seats. The museum also runs a café and store within the airport.

Hamad Airport Doha Tom Otterness sculpture © Tom Otterness

It’s Got a Huge Teddy Bear as its Centerpiece

The seven-metre-high canary-yellow Lamp Bear by Swiss artist Urs Fischer sits inside a lamp at the centre of the airport’s duty-free hall.

The bronze sculpture weighs 35,000 pounds and was previously displayed on New York’s Park Avenue, before reportedly being snapped up by a member of the Qatar royal family for just over $6.8m.

Or if teddy bears aren’t your thing, check out the moving dinosaur sculptures in Departures at Doha.

Hamad Airport Doha Lamp Bear Urs Fischer © Hamad International Airport

Look Closely at the Lamp Posts

There are 1,403 lamp posts at Hamad International Airport between five and 12 metres tall, as well as 228 28 metre poles. The lamp posts that line the approach road are the most interesting – they feature laser-cut stainless steel cladding inscribed with the Qatari National Anthem.

Hamad Airport Doha lamp post Qatari National Anthem © Valmont Stainton
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