Five Fun Facts about John F Kennedy International Airport, New York - JFK

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With six passenger terminals and four runways, JFK Airport is 16 miles southeast of Manhattan, New York. Here are five fun facts you may not know about the airport.

  • JFK International Airport is the sixth-busiest airport in America and the 22nd busiest in the world

  • The airport welcomed just over 55 million passengers in 2017

  • Over 70 airlines operate direct flights from JFK to all six inhabited continents

The Former TWA Flight Centre Will Become the Airport’s First Hotel

The unusual 1960s building, previously the now-defunct airline TWA’s HQ is to become a 512-room hotel with views of the runways and a large rooftop observation deck.

There’ll also be six restaurants, eight bars, a gym and a museum devoted to TWA. Rooms will be 60s-inspired by mid-century-style furnishings, vintage 1950s phones, custom-made cocktail bars in every room and ‘window walls’ with 4.5inch thick glass to cancel out aircraft noise.

© TWA Hotel / Max Touhey

There’s an ‘Ark’ Devoted to Handling Animals

The ARK Pet Oasis is the only one of its kind in North America, available to all airlines and able to handle almost all kinds of animals. Features for pets include an airside location offering direct access to aircraft, 47 dog kennels and an outside area for dogs and their pre-flight walk, 12 cat kennels and quarantine rooms for sick animals.

There are also facilities for bathing, vaccinations, microchipping and preparation of documents, plus 12 individual stalls for horses and an aviary.

It’s Been in Many Movies

Even if you’ve never visited JFK before, there are many parts which will feel familiar from the movies. The flight tubes which will link the new TWA Hotel to Terminal 5 were made famous by Catch Me If You Can, while Roger Moore was seen at the old TWA terminal as it was in Live and Let Die. Other movies with scenes shot at the airport include When Harry Met Sally and Old Dogs. Conversely, The Terminal was set at JFK but actually filmed on specially-made sets elsewhere.

© Catch me if you can / DreamWorks

You Can Check What’s OK to Take on Board Before Security

About to you through security, but not sure if your bottles are too big, if it’s OK to take soft cheese or the art scissors your child has left in her pencil case? You can ask TSA (Transport Security Administration) by sending them a picture from a console 365 days a year, or you can do it via various forms of social media using @AskTSA from your smartphone.

You Can Experience Virtual Reality

Virtual reality stations have been set in in Terminal 4 to help entertain people between flights. Mixed-reality headsets allow you to feel like you’re swimming with whales, jellyfish and sea anemones in TheBlu or play a range of games including Beat Saber and Fruit Ninja.

Brand ambassadors are on hand to help passengers decide which experience is for them, with games typically ranging from ten minutes to an hour.

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