Enjoying a drink at 30 000 feet


Shaken or stirred? You decide!

If you’re flying First Class or Business in particular, you’re in for a real treat, with airlines including Emirates, Etihad, Korean Air and Qatar Airways all offering unique bar experiences. The new generation of Qantas A380 will also offer new lounge spaces designed for relaxation and comfort.

A380 bars are the perfect places to mingle with other passengers and to make new friends over drinks, coffee or nibbles. Qatar Airways’ bar called The Lounge offers a pleasant space to relax thanks to its large bench seat.

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My second seat is waiting 😜 #qatarairways #a380 #roses #baronboard

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Drinks at the bar! #a380 #qatarairways

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The bars are fully staffed with sommeliers and flight attendants trained to shake you a daiquiri or stir you a martini on demand.

When you fly a Singapore Airlines A380, only the best will do: Dom Pérignon is at the top of the Champagne menu.

On Etihad Airways A380, you can kick back in futuristic comfort as the miles whizz by below.

Is this a bar in the clouds or a nightclub in London or New York? At first glance it’s hard to tell with the Qatar Airways A380 – the lighting and mood are at home both on the ground and at 30,000 feet.

Where else do you get the chance to stand behind your very own five-star bar in the clouds? And, just maybe you could learn to make some delicious cocktails to impress your loved ones.

If you’re travelling First Class or Business on an A380, these are places to see and be seen, places you’ll be happy to while away the hours in luxurious five-star comfort.

Life, after all, doesn’t get much better than this …

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