Coworking Spaces in Cities with A380 Airports

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In this era of mobile working, shared offices are springing up around the globe. In their 2018 Global Coworking Forecast, GCUC projected that the global number of coworking spaces will grow from over 17 000 in 2018 to over 30 000 in the next four years.*

These can be a useful solution for nomads working on the go. When considering coworking options, a few factors to consider include:

  • Opening hours: While some spaces have 24/7 access, others have limited daily hours, so think about what timing will work best for your needs.
  • Rates: Many coworking spaces operate on a membership basis, in which you pay a subscription fee for a certain number of visits or a specified period of time. Some are ultra-flexible and offer an hourly or day rate. However, if you travel frequently to the same location, a membership might be worth it, and often provides access to a full range of services. 
  • Location: If you’re staying for a few days, working in the city center allows a more diverse range of options and a local buzz. On a flying visit, proximity to the airport is a big advantage.
  • Services: Workspaces are typically equipped with internet, printers, photocopiers, phones and Wi-Fi. If you need more than a work station, some also offer private offices and meeting rooms (with a projector, whiteboard, etc.). 
  • Vibe: Do you want an environment that’s dynamic and creative, quiet and studious or exclusive and executive? There’s a space for every taste. It’s wise to visit before you sign up to anything!

So how do you go about finding a coworking space in another city? The coworker or fluidmeet or Executive Centre websites are a good place to start: you can search these to find spaces in hundreds of countries.

Another option is Regus, which offers flexible hot-desking options in over 3000 business centers around the world. If you need a location near or even in the airport, these sites will help you find something suitable. Here is a selection of options in cities with A380 airports.


If you’re in the tech sector, Dtec in Dubai’s ‘Silicon Oasis’ is targeted to entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the area (it charges annual rather than daily rates).

For a more flexible option in downtown Dubai, The Bureau offers funky workstations, private offices and event rooms at daily rates (from AED 100/day). Discover the top 10 coworking spaces in Dubai.


Coworking spaces in Singapore generally charge a monthly fee, but many offer a daily or weekly rate (for example, JustCo has a free day trial pass). One of the closest coworking spaces to Changi airport (about a 20-minute drive) is OneSpace, a basic space that offers 2-hour and day rates. Discover the top 13 coworking spaces in Singapore (with price comparisons).


If you’re flying into Heathrow, The Mille is a 15-minute drive or 30 minutes by public transport and rents shared working space by the day or month as well as meeting room hire (by the hour or day) near London. Directly at the airport, the global workspace provider Regus has work locations in Heathrow Terminals 2, 3 and 5. Discover the top 10 coworking spaces in London.

Los Angeles

An unpretentious coworking space close to the airport is LAX Coworking, which offers a day pass ($20). If you’re looking for a more regular working space in LA, Bizhaus has two options near the airport for a monthly membership fee, but it also offers a day pass ($30). Discover the top 7 coworking spaces in LA.


While many of Mumbai’s coworking spaces must be rented for a minimum period of a month, Mumbai Coworking has daily rates (Rs 500), easy access to the airport, and also offers night access for professionals who work with international clients in different time zones. Discover the top 15 coworking spaces in Mumbai.


For an English-speaking coworking environment with flexible rental options (500 yen/hour) and no sign-up fee, Ginza Hub allows access from 11am to 6pm weekdays in Tokyo. Or if you don’t have time to go into the city, the airport’s Royal Park Hotel The Haneda offers ‘refresh rooms’ (2000 yen/hour), furnished with a chair, sink, TV, Wi-Fi and a shower. Discover the top 8 coworking spaces in Tokyo.


For travelers with frequent business in Hamburg, Coworking Airport Hamburg offers open-space work stations or private offices for monthly rates, or meeting rooms for a half day (€180). For a workspace by the day (€120) or hour (€20), ABC Business Center has locations in the city and near the airport. Discover the top 10 coworking spaces in Hamburg.


If you’re flying to Charles de Gaulle and your schedule is too tight to go into The City of Light, Center Hubstart is located directly at the airport and offers half-day (€18) and full-day (€29) rental rates. In Paris itself, there are a wealth of options: the very central mycowork allows you to book online and pay by the hour, or even by 15-minute slots. Discover the top 11 coworking spaces in Paris.

New York

The online service beewake can help you find a workspace in New York that suits your needs, offering a large selection of meeting rooms and coworking options across the city. At JFK airport, the Airspace Lounge in Terminal 5 is open to all on a pay-per-use basis and offers a dedicated business area. Discover the top 7 coworking spaces in New York.


With 500 coworking spaces around the city, Shanghai has seen a boom in this trend in recent years. Most are in the central areas of Huangpu and Jing’an, but some are in the Pudong district, where the airport is located: for example, People2’s P2 Zuchongi and P2 Bibo spaces. Discover the top 8 coworking spaces in Shanghai.


A 5-minute drive from the airport, Anytime Offices Botany offers hourly (AUS$30) and day rates (AUS$150). In the centre of Sydney, YourDesk has locations in the Central Business District and Surry Hills. For total flexibility, the online service rubberdesk lets you find desk space where and when you need it in cities around Australia. Discover the top 11 coworking spaces in Sydney.

And finally, if you thrive on interaction, now you can network even when you’re in transit. The new app Planely introduces professionals with similar interests (based on Facebook or LinkedIn profiles), matching up fliers on the same route or arrival or departure airport. Who knows, maybe you could share a cab or grab a coffee with an interesting contact!


* GCUC, 2018 Global Coworking Forecast, December 2017.

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