Best Sports Features at A380 Airports

Dubai fitness man gym © Crown Plaza

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean to have to let your fitness routine fall by the wayside. If you have a layover of a few hours, why not use the time to have a swim, go to the gym or even stretch out and relax with a yoga session?

Here are some features in and around some A380 airports which will help you keep fit while you’re on the move.

Take a Dip

Several airports offer swimming pools, often attached to airport hotels within the terminal - and you don’t always have to be staying at the hotel to use them. Singapore’s Changi Airport has a rooftop pool with jacuzzi, bar and shower facilities, and Dubai Airport has a pool in the airport hotel’s G-Force Health Club.

Doha’s Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Centre offers a 25-metre swimming pool, hydrotherapy tub, fully-equipped gym, squash courts and a shower room, as well as anti-jet lag massages and other spa treatments.

Doha Airport swimming pool Vitality Wellbeing Fitness Centre © Girl tweets world


Traveling can be tiring and stressful – why not take some time out with a yoga session? Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport sometimes offers free yoga classes in locations throughout the airport, and Dallas and Frankfurt Airport both have well-equipped, permanent yoga studios. There’s also a yoga studio at Heathrow’s Skyteam lounge.


Got 20 Minutes?

The Bodystreet Fitness Studio at Munich Airport offers a 20-minute EMS (electro-muscular stimulation) workout. It claims to offer 18 times the impact of conventional fitness training and was developed through the space program.

You exercise while wearing a thick vest with wires connected to a machine which delivers short bursts of electricity to individual muscles, so you get to feel a bit like you’re in a sci-fi film too.


Munich Airport EMS Bodystreet Fitness Studio © Bodystreet

Relaxing with a Swim

Claire regularly has a layover in Johannesburg when she flies to and from her home in Ireland to visit her Mom on the South African coast.

She said: ‘We tend to fly in around midday and head over to the Intercontinental Hotel right outside the airport – you just cross a zebra crossing – no airport shuttle required!

The spa and pool are at the top of the building and the rand/euro exchange rate ensures it doesn’t break the bank. We splash out on a massage and then we have use of the pool too. It’s on the small side but not minuscule and it overlooks the whole airport.

The massage and swimming ensures we only have about two hours to kill at the airport prior to boarding and best of all, the sitting for more than ten hours doesn’t feel so tough. Plus the massage and gentle exercise helps my husband and I sleep on the plane! We’ve done this routine about eight times and it works like a charm for us.’

Johannesburg-Airport-swimming-pool-South-Africa-Hotels.jpg ©

Lucy from the UK found swimming at Changi during a layover similarly beneficial. She said: ‘I went for a swim at Singapore airport when I had 7 hours to kill between flights - I had just arrived from Schiphol and was heading off to Bali.

It was amazing being able to stretch my legs and properly get my body moving between flights, and so much better for me than spending the time in a bar or restaurant would have been. It was really refreshing and meant that I arrived at my final destination much more energised that I would ordinarily be after a long journey.’

Singapore-Changi-Airport-rooftop-swimming-pool.jpg © Aerotel Singapore

Pitch and Putt

At Hong Kong Airport you can practise your swing at GreenLive Air – a virtual golf course which offers both nine and eighteen-hole courses.

Hong-Kong-Airport-virtual-golf-GreenLiveAir.jpg © Golfzon Green Live

Airside Hotels with Gyms

If you’ve got a layover between flights and would rather spend your time in the gym than going through security and back again, look for an airside hotel with a gym – such as Aerotel at Changi Airport which also has an outdoor pool.

Let’s Go Outside

If you’ve got a little more time, it can be fun to get away from the airport and enjoy some exercise in the fresh air. For example, at LAX you could get in a round of golf at Westchester Golf Course – an 18-hole golf course right next to the airport.

Alternatively you could enjoy some sun at the three-mile long Dockweiler State Beach, just a seven-minute taxi ride from the airport. For something a little more active, rent a bike and explore the Los Angeles coast via the 22-mile Marvin Braude Bike Trail, also known as The Strand.

LAX Airport Westchester golf course © American golf

On Your Bike

Plenty of A380 destinations are cities which are easy to explore by bike – and often you can rent a bike easily from the streets. For example, in Amsterdam there are almost 500 miles of cycle paths and bike lanes and dozens of bike rental shops. Alternatively, you could hire some skates and go rollerblading the Vondelpark.

So there’s no need to be idle during your layover – time to get movin’!


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