Seven Innovations That Make Your A380 Flight Super Smooth

 Qantas A380 International Premium Economy from Dubai

© Qantas
Qantas A380 International Premium Economy from Dubai

The A380 has been designed to make the journey awesome for all its passengers. Flying on this airplane is an incredible traveling experience that you will never forget… and that you will recommend to other travelers. It’s simple, passenger care is central to all airlines flying the A380. And these are just some of the innovations on board which will help you enjoy your A380 flight even more.


LED lighting in the cabin changes according to the time of day, so it can mimic a morning sunrise or a sunny afternoon, and then offer a gentler light as evening falls. These special lighting effects are designed to gradually alter your natural wake/sleep cycles according to your destination and help to reduce jet lag. The LED lights also use less energy than traditional aircraft lighting systems. The windows on the A380 are larger than on most planes, so there’s more natural daylight too.

 A380 Emirates Economy Class cabin main deck lighting

© Matt Handy
A380 Emirates Economy Class cabin main deck 

Breathe Easy

The air quality on board the A380 is better than on any other plane. Sophisticated air filters recycle air in the cabin every two minutes, cleaning and humidifying it. The air is also pressurized to the equivalent of being at a lower altitude than most planes, so you’ll arrive at your destination feeling fresher than usual.


 A380 woman asleep on pillow smiling

© iflyA380
A380 woman asleep on pillow smiling

Peace and Quiet

There is up to 50% less engine noise in an A380 cabin than in other airplanes. It also offers a smoother journey – even on take-off and landing. You can almost forget that you’re flying, sit back and simply enjoy the journey.

A Comfortable Seat

The A380 is the widest of all passenger airlines with 18-inch-wide seats which recline up to 33 inches depending on your airline, offering extra legroom meaning a comfortable flight for all. There’s also more headroom, making the cabin feel more airy and spacious, and 15% more space for hand luggage storage.


 A380 Air France Premium Economy cabin seats

© John Nguyen
A380 Air France Premium Economy cabin seats

Keep Yourself Entertained

All A380s offer state-of-the-art entertainment systems. On Emirates flights, the seatback screen is 13.3 inches wide – the largest available in economy class – with an incredible 2500 channels, plus a pilot’s-eye view from an external camera. You can also make phone calls and use Wi-Fi from your seat and even charge your devices from a USB port.



 A380 Emirates Economy largest IFE screens 13.3 inches wide seats

© Zach Honig
A380 Emirates Economy largest IFE screens 13.3 inches wide seats

Easy Embarkation and Disembarkation

Even though a typical A380 may be carrying over 500 passengers, the plane is designed to make getting on and off as quick and easy as possible. With eight doors and at least one bridge per deck, you can be off the plane and on your way as quickly as possible. Exact timings vary according to airport facilities but At Hong Kong International Airport, a fully loaded A380 can be disembarked in just 12 minutes.

Choose Your Seat With Augmented Reality

Not sure where you want to sit? Before your flight, download the iflyA380 app and take a virtual reality walk through the cabin to make the best decision about which seat to choose. You can also check out the rest of the plane in virtual reality – including the cockpit – as well as discovering A380 destinations, picking your next trip based on your interests, and viewing the landmarks you’ll be flying over.


A380 app showing plane cabin virtual reality tour
© Actu Toulouse
iflyA380 app virtual reality tour plane cabin 
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