Emirates: Ten Years of Flying the A380

A380-Emirates-Airport-10-year-anniversary.jpg © Emirates

It’s been ten years since Emirates flew their first A380 from New York to Dubai! Since then, more than 105 million passengers have enjoyed trips on Emirates A380s, covering almost one million miles on 115,000 flights – the equivalent to 39,000 trips around the world.

Ten Extraordinary Years

Emirates operates more A380 aircraft than any other airline, with 104 A380s flying to 49 cities – plus it has another 58 A380s on order.

‘It’s been 10 extraordinary years since the first Emirates A380 flight took to the skies’, said Emirates Airline’s President Sir Tim Clark, ’and today it has become one of the most recognizable and admired aircraft in the world.

Passengers love to fly it because of its spaciousness which provides more comfort across all classes; and its iconic products like the OnBoard Lounge, Shower Spa and First Class suites have redefined air travel.’

Emirates A380 first flight 2008 Dubai New York © Emirates

Over 120 million meals have been served on Emirates A380s since 2008. First Class passengers have enjoyed 2.7 million tins of caviar and more than 3.5 million fresh flowers have been loaded on to the double-decker aircraft.

Comfort Comes First

Emirates introduced its bespoke version of the A380 in 2008 with higher ceilings, mood-lighting and the OnBoard Lounge social area. In 2017 the design was updated to include the Shower Spa, which over 80% of its First Class customers have used.

Its entertainment system features over 3,500 channels, including live sports channels, and its Economy Class seat screens are some of the widest in the industry.

The Impact of Emirates’ A380

The Emirates A380 program has also helped support industry across the world. Airbus estimates that Emirates’ A380 orders support 41,000 jobs in Europe alone, and that the Europe-wide impact of Emirates’ investment contributes €3.4 billion to the GDP of the region.

And since 2013, the Emirates A380 has transported over 120 tonnes of food and emergency equipment to those in need.

 Today Emirates also has 1,500 flight deck crew and over 20,000 cabin crew specially trained to operate its A380 aircraft.

Emirates A380 in Dates and Numbers

• The longest Emirates A380 Flight is from Dubai to Auckland - just over 8,800 miles! The shortest is Dubai  to Kuwait – around 500 miles.

• In 2012, Emirates A380s carried 10 million passengers.

• By 2014, it was 25 million passengers and by 2016, 50 million.

• Today, more than 105 million passengers have flown in an Emirates A380- equivalent to the combined population of United Arab Emirates, the UK and Australia.

• In 2013, the world’s only A380-dedicated Concourse opened at Dubai International Airport in Terminal 3.

• 2014 saw ten new A380 destinations launched – today there are 49.

• In 2015 the A380 flew in formation with the Jetman Dubai Duo above the Dubai skyline.

A380 Emirates flying jetman Dubai skyline © XDubai
A380 Boeing 777 Emirates 7 jets flying © Emirates
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