10 Gift Ideas From A380 Airports

CDG Airport Paris duty free store © Brand Pilots

Tea Fit for a King

No-one makes a cup of tea quite like the English, so while you’re in London, why not pick up a traditional blend to take home with you?

At Heathrow’s World Duty Free, you can buy Royal Blend Tea from Fortnum & Mason which was first blended for Edward VII in 1902. Perhaps you could also get some Scottish shortbread to go with it!

Durian – Love It or Hate It?

Durian is a South-East Asian fruit which smells so bad, it’s banned on some planes. However, if you can get past the smell, its taste is sweet and custardy.

So if you’ve developed a taste for Durian on your travels and don’t want to worry about getting it through customs or upsetting your fellow passengers, you could treat yourself to some Four Seasons Durian Candies at Changi Airport.

Changi Airport Durian candies South-East Asian fruit © Changi Airport

Last-minute Gifts for Little Ones

F.A.O. Schwarz is the oldest toy store in the US, with its New York store a must-visit for any kids on a trip to the Big Apple. It’s featured in many films, including the scene in Big where Tom Hanks plays a giant floor piano, and more recently, The Smurfs movie.

But you don’t need to go to New York to visit – you can now buy F.A.O. Schwartz-brand goods at LAX.

LAX Airport oldest store in the US F.A.O. Schwarz © DFS

Gourmet Treats in Paris

Rules about what foods you can and can’t take through customs in your hand luggage can be confusing – so why not play it safe and buy your typical French fare at the airport? As long as the bag is sealed and not opened until you’re through customs at the other end, you won’t have any problems.

Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport offers cheese, macarons, wine, and more. Bon appetit !

Charles de Gaulle Airport macarons Ladurée Paris box © Chris Chow

Thai Silks

You won’t want to leave Bangkok without buying silk and while you may well have already bought some of the cheaper varieties in the many markets, you can make sure you’re buying the high-quality stuff by shopping at Jim Thompson outlets. And handily, there’s one at Bangkok’s international airport.

Bangkok-Airport-silk-scarf.jpg Bangkok Airport silk scarves present rainbow colors © Isen Majennt

Go Dutch

At Schipol Airport in Amsterdam they’re keen that you don’t go home without some good reminders of your holiday, so you’ll find everything from Delft blue china and real wooden clogs to windmill key rings. Or if food is more your thing, there’s a Gouda shop shaped like a giant cheese – it’s called Say Cheese, of course.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport traditional Netherlands Say Cheese © Schiphol Airport

It’s the Australian Way

Australian Way shops offer everything from well-known Aussie brands such as Emu and UGG to Aboriginal arts and crafts as well as Australian-made chocolate, toys and jewellery. There are branches at many Australian airports including Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Unusual Chocolate in Tokyo

Do you like Kit Kats? In Japan, they really like Kit Kats – so much so that there are over 300 flavours available (some are seasonal or regional) – head to one of the airport’s newsagents to see what’s on offer.

You might find green tea or wasabi versions – there are even some which contain alcohol so take care which ones you choose if you’re buying for kids!

Tokyo Narita Airport funny flavours Kit Kat chocolate © Isriya Paireepairit

Lux from Dubai

If you want to bring back a luxury item, there is obviously no better stop than Dubai airport. There are several perfume shops, including Ajmal, the oldest perfumier in the Emirates region and Al Haramain which sells scents in decorative bottles.

If you prefer the thrill of gambling, the Dubai Duty Free Finest Surprise Promotion is a unique opportunity to bring back a luxury car from your next trip… Who knows, you might have to make room in your luggage!

Out of Africa

The Out of Africa shop at Johannesburg Airport sells a wide range of traditional African items including silk kaftans, hand-carved ebony salad servers and handcrafted jewellery.

There are also larger items such as wall-hangings and rugs. At Indaba Lifestyle you can find other locally-made goods including bangles, bowls and placemats, while at African Origins you’ll find South Africa-inspired clothes and gifts.

Johannesburg Airport Out of Africa Store © Abby flat-coat

German Sausage

Take sauerkraut, Bavarian sausage, Schwarzwalder ham or a beer mug with you from Germany & more at Frankfurt Airport. If you want your living room to look unlike any other, why not bring back a piece of typical German crafts such as a cuckoo clocks and wood carvings? You’ll sure make quite an impression on your next guests!

The airport can be a great place to pick up a last-minute souvenir or gift and best of all, you don’t even have to find room for it in your suitcase. Happy shopping!
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