10 Amazing Features Airbus A380 Airlines Provide to First and Business Class Passengers

© Singapore Airlines
New Suite 2017 First Class double bed Singapore Airlines A380

The A380 is the largest airliner flying today – and the extra space means a lot of extra features too. More room to stretch your legs. Bigger beds for sweeter dreams. Spacious lounges and bars (and a selection of cocktails, champagne, and other beverages).That’s why even for Business Class or First Class frequent flyers who are used to these benefits, an A380 flight is truly exceptional.

Before You fly

Arrive early if you can in order to relax and enjoy the First Class and Business Lounges before you take off. Food. Drinks. Designer lounges. From à-la-carte dining to stylish bathrooms and spas, make sure you leave time to explore them all. Some airlines also have an airport valet service and a personal assistant to take care of you and make sure you make your flight (which might come helpful if time gets away from you while enjoying the amenities in the lounge). Overall, if you're used to flying First or Business Class on other airplanes, you will now discover a new level of refinement.

Step Into Your Own Bedroom

On some A380 flights, you get more than a seat… you get your own bedroom! As you know, the plane’s size means that airlines have their own floor plans and they work with leading designers to make the most of the space. On Singapore Airlines flights, you can actually have your own A380 First Class suite, complete with a sitting area and a double bed (see cover picture above).

Not a bad place to unwind.

On Etihad flights you will enjoy the ultimate experience. Indeed, the ‘Residence’ section has a bedroom, a living room and your very own private bathroom, making flying with your whole family even more comfortable. It’s the only three-room suite on a commercial airline.And an attendant will be on call to answer your every need.

© Etihad Airways
Etihad ‘Residence’ living room seats A380 First Class

Resting in Business Class

Sleeping arrangements vary across airlines. In Business Class on Qantas, you can try the famous ‘Skybed’. At the flick of a switch, the seats fold down to transform into a cosy bed.

© Qantas
A380 cabin ‘Skybed’ woman sleeping Qantas Business Class

On British Airways A380 first class, on top of getting your bed ready as part of the tuck-in service, and receiving fresh duvets and pillows, you will even get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to help you relax and enjoy the inflight entertainment before you go to sleep.

Room to Move

But you don’t have to be asleep to make the most of your flight.

On Asiana ‘Business Smartium Class’, the staggered seat layout gives you direct access to the aisle, allowing passengers to move freely around the cabin. At China Southern Airlines, their A380 Business ‘couch in the air’ also means you have your own private space that’s separate from everyone else.

Fine Dining in the Air

Ensuring the quality of passenger food in the air is a key priority for airlines. They know that gourmet food makes people truly joyful – and airlines like satisfied passengers.

Eating on an A380 First or Business Class flight is like going to a top restaurant – all from the comfort of your seat.

Emirates and Malaysia Airlines (pictured below) even have an on-call flight chef who can whip up meals just for you. You just call the flight attendants when you’re hungry and they place the order for you.

© Malaysia Airlines
Passenger dining seat Malaysia Airlines A380 flight attendant

On Air France, ‘La Première’ cabin is just like an exclusive members’ lounge: as an added bonus, you get to savour French delicacies and wine from the gourmet menu.

The creative consultant in charge of menus on Qantas flights is none other than Neil Perry: a chef who runs a famous restaurant in Sydney. This translates into delicious meals every time you feel hungry.

Relaxing in the Bar

If you start to feel like getting up and moving around, the bar is a great destination. This area is the place to relax, read, catch up on work or mingle with other passengers.

Check out the Korean Air First Class lounge – it’s so much more than just a bar. With its designer feel, it’s easy to forget you’re not in a cocktail lounge in London or Seoul. If you want a change of scenery, you can go on a luxurious shopping spree at the Duty Free shop. Since 2011 it’s sold perfumes, jewelry, makeup, travel products and more – it’s all there!

© Korean Air
Bar lounge A380 Korean Air First Class

Not to be outdone is Qatar Airways. The Qatar A380 First Class and Business bar is an exceptional place. Imagine Krug Champagne and a full range of cocktails – the perfect airborne retreat.

© Qatar Airways
Bar lounge Qatar Airways A380 First and Business Class

Freshen Up at 40,000 Ft

And you no longer have to wait until you get home or to your hotel to freshen up. An Emirates A380 First Class flight is a particularly memorable experience. That’s because there’s a shower spa – complete with luxurious Bulgari toiletries and Timeless Spa products. In a way, it’s just like being at home!

© Emirates
Bathroom shower spa Emirates A380 First Class

You’ll arrive fresh and relaxed, regardless of whether you’re travelling for business or heading off on a vacation. What’s not to like?

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