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One of the greenest urban spaces in the world, Singapore is also a city of skyscrapers, energy and cosmopolitan charm. You’ll be dazzled by the Garden by the Bay, a billion-dollar botanical garden, and you shouldn’t miss the magnificent zoo, where you can take a nighttime safari. Explore a jungle practically in the city at the Southern Ridges, then cool off in one of Singapore’s many museums or restaurants. Between green spaces and entertainment, Singapore has something for everyone! 

Destination Singapore with the A380

Party in the Streets: Singapore National Day Parade

If you’re in Singapore in early August you’ll get to witness the city turning red and white for Singapore National Day, celebrating the nation’s independence, which came in 1965. In spite of Singapore’s small size it has achieved tremendous success and the festivities of the day express that with a wide range of events and performances. You’ll be able to see military parades including Air Force flybys, traditional singing and dancing, all leading up to a stunning fireworks display at the city’s Marina Waterfront. There’s no better time to see Singapore! 

Relaxation, Music and History: Fort Canning Park

On a hilltop in central Singapore, Fort Canning Park plays a central role in the city’s life. The former home of the royal palaces of Malay Kings in the Middle Ages, it was also where the British command surrendered to the Japanese in World War II. You can enjoy the park’s current incarnation by seeing some of the many concerts, festivals and events that take place here, or merely by taking in the nature and the ancient artifacts you can find here. This is a unique refuge in the heart of the city. 

Island from the Past: Pulau Ubin Pulau

This idyllic island off eastern Singapore harkens back to the Singapore of the 1960s and is one of the last truly rural areas in the country. Wander among the wooden houses, beneath the coconut palm trees and the rich preserves of natural wildlife. You can find marine wildlife here including octopuses, starfish, sea hares, sea squirts, sand dollars, sponges and cuttlefish. Only a 10-minute boat ride from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, this island will transport you to another place and time, with all your cares left behind. 

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