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Rome, Italy, is a world-famous city, and for good reason: You’ll find a little of everything here. Visit the Colosseum, the Forum and other iconic monuments like the Trevi Fountain and Parthenon. And, of course, no visit to Rome is complete without a stop at the Sistine Chapel. But these historic attractions are only scratching the surface of what Rome has to offer. Here are three more excellent options for your holiday. 

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Historic Celebrations: Rome’s Birthday

April 21st is celebrated annually as the date of the founding of Rome, and each year citizens of the city gather together to celebrate this special occasion. The centre of Rome turns into a large open-air festival, with street parades and public feasts as well as gladiator shows and other performances. Torches are set up on Aventine Hill, giving the area a surreal atmosphere. After dark, brilliant fireworks display on the Tiber River light up the night sky. In addition, all museums and city parks are free for visitors on this special day. 

Relax on Two Wheels: Ride a Bike in Appia Antica Regional Park

A trip to the legendary Appian Way makes for a nice leisurely afternoon. This ancient trade road is located in a beautiful park where you can explore the green rolling hills dotted with ancient aqueducts, tombs and churches. History and nature come together in this unique park, and you can find evidence of thousands of years of civilisation. Renting a bike is the best way to see the park, as you’ll easily be able to ride up and down the hills that give you stunning views to the horizon. 

Fun for the Family: The Puppet Show at Gianicolo Belvedere

Going to a puppet show at Gianicolo Belvedere is a rite of passage for Roman children and an experience you won’t want to miss while you’re visiting the city. But the show isn’t just for young people; anyone looking for a little light entertainment will enjoy themselves here. The theatre is located on Gianicolo hill, which gives you a stunning panoramic view over the city. The combination of the theatre and the beautiful natural setting make this a truly unique attraction for your trip to Rome. The traditional puppet show takes place every Sunday.

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