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A city of neon-lit streets and teeming crowds, the famous Osaka Castle, and some truly spectacular attractions, Osaka, Japan, is celebrated above all for its outstanding food. This is the place to satisfy your craving for excellent Japanese cuisine and culture. Get a feel for the nation’s history in the Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses, go shopping in the bustling Shinsaibashi area, and experience the nighttime streets of Dotonbori, with its restaurants and looming otherworldly 3D signs. 

Destination Osaka with the A380

Streets Come to Life: Tenjin Festival

If you’re visiting at the end of July, you’ll have the chance to experience one of Japan’s liveliest and most colourful festivals. The Tenjin Matsuri, which means festival of the gods, has been celebrated since the 10th century and is ranked as one of the country’s top three festivals. Two days are filled with lavish processions of costumed figures, a variety of performances and a magnificent fireworks show on the river. The sheer variety of traditional Japanese culture you’ll witness during this event is breathtaking – from puppet shows to Taiko drumming to Noh performances and so much more.

Enter the Ring: Sumo Tournament

If you’re a sports fan you’ll certainly want to take the opportunity to witness the Japanese sport of sports, sumo wrestling. Sumo wrestlers have been battling one another for over 1,000 years in Japan.  There are six sumo tournaments held annually in Japan, one of which takes place each spring in Osaka’s Prefectural Gymnasium, known as the “Body-maker Colosseum”. It isn’t just the fighting itself you should see, but the elaborate ceremony surrounding it, including the stylized stomping when the massive wrestlers enter the ring. 

Taste of Japan: Kuromon Ichiba Market

People all over Japan know about the fresh fish, meat and vegetables available at the place commonly referred to by locals as “Osaka’s kitchen” or “Gastronome”. The Kuromon Ichiba Market has been in existence for almost 200 years and international tourists have increasingly been discovering what all the fuss is about. Besides the delicious shopping opportunities at the market’s approximately 150 stands, there is a growing number of restaurants where you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite sushi or seafood dish while soaking up the lively atmosphere with all the sights and sounds of Japan. 

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