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Moscow, Russia’s iconic capital, has always invited intrigue among curious travellers looking to have an extraordinary experience. World famous and culturally important, Moscow is home to such sights as the Kremlin, Red Square, the Bolshoi Theatre and the absolutely stunning gardens at Alexandrovsky Sad. These celebrated symbols of Russia are all worth visiting, but you’ll see more when you hop off the beaten track. Big, fast, brash: Moscow is unique and an absolutely vital visit for any serious city hopper.

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Snowy Wonderland: The Russian Winter Festival

Each Christmas, Moscow transforms into a snowy world of glittering, majestic squares, towers, ice-rinks, and romantic sleigh rides. This is the season to experience one of the best events Moscow has to offer, the annual Russian Winter Festival, and you’ll have every opportunity to enjoy all that Russian hospitality down to the last drop of vodka! Sip a glass of something warming as you take in the show, which is centred around Gorky Park, Izmailovo Square and Revolution Square. There’s daily folk-dancing, cuisine, music, song, craft shows, art, and stalls selling clothing and traditional Russian goodies.

Stalin’s Secrets: Bunker 42

Cold War enthusiasts won’t want to miss this: a trip into the mysterious maze of bunkers and tunnels 65 metres under the streets of Moscow, codenamed Bunker 42, designed and built after the first Soviet Nuclear tests to provide a haven and escape route for Stalin and his closest advisors. See some fascinating objects: Stalin’s chair, table and lamp, maps, photographs and old electronic equipment in its original state. Built to withstand an atomic bomb at a time when the world lived under the shadow of nuclear threat, this is a must-see for a taste of Cold War Russia. 

Spirit of Russia: The Vodka Museum

This museum really is as good as it sounds! Away from the noise of busy streets, this friendly tour gives insight into the history of Russian vodka, in addition to information on the fermentation and distillation procedures needed to produce a top-class version of Russia’s national drink. The museum displays hundreds of beautiful old bottles and flasks, and you’ll be sampling some of their smoothest, most flavourful vodka in true Russian style. So don’t forget to have your breakfast before coming, and remember that Russians recommend a daily dose of 50 grams of vodka to ensure good health! Na Zdorovie!

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