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Mexico City boasts a population of 22 million inhabitants within the greater city limits, the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere, yet remains pedestrian-friendly, and actually, just all-round friendly. The city has experienced a cultural renaissance with the gastronomy and art scenes exploding into life, so it’s a good time to visit. Stop by artist Frida Kahlo’s House, now a museum, explore the Teotihuacan Pyramids or enjoy some authentic local cuisine. It’s a pleasure being seduced by Mexico’s capital.

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Easter in Mexico: Holy Week

In Mexico, Holy Week is both a religious observance and a national holiday. Beginning on Palm Sunday, the main masses and observances take place on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, with Holy Saturday marked by the Burning of Judas when an effigy of Judas Iscariot is set on fire and firework displays light the sky overhead. There’s some fantastic street food on offer; you’ll love the hot pancakes with a variety of fillings, and the flavoured ice treats that have been popular ever since ice was brought to Mexico City directly from the slopes of Popocatepetl. 

Give Yourself a Fright: Isla de las Munekas

Isla de las Munekas, Island of the Dolls, is a top destination for those horror fans who enjoy feeling a little unsettled. The story goes that an unidentified girl was found drowned on the island and was then buried. Not long after, a doll washed ashore and was placed in a tree in memory of the girl. Since that time, hundreds of dolls and doll parts hang from the tree tops and bushes giving this shrine to an unfortunate child a very creepy atmosphere. Pay a visit for an offbeat and pleasantly spooky experience.

Drama and Acrobatics: Lucha Libre Wrestling

Mexico has long had a love affair with the drama and flair of Lucha Libre: the sport of wrestling, Mexican style. This flamboyant version is characterised by big personalities, colourful masks, long capes and a willingness to attempt acrobatic attacks instead of resorting to brute force. You’ll love being part of the whole raucous experience and the passionate reactions of the audience make it a great place for people-watching. Some dramatic scenes are hilarious and who doesn’t love a good story featuring back flipping goodies battling body slamming baddies in front of a roaring crowd? Lucha Libre is a Mexican institution!

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