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Mauritius has been described as paradise in the Indian Ocean, and when you see the beaches and azure seas, you’ll agree. This is a seriously gorgeous island. White sands, panoramic views and some of the best rum in the world. Hire a car and visit the tea plantations, discover hidden La Cuvette Beach or trek to Mauritius’s highest point in the unspoilt rainforest of Black Gorge National Park.  Or if you prefer water sports and sunbathing, Mauritius has that too!

Destination Mauritius with  the A380

Pilgrimage to the Lake: The MahaShivaratri festival

The Maha Shivaratri celebration is one of the most important celebrations in the Hindu Calendar and is celebrated with devotion all over Mauritius by Hindus who make the pilgrimage to sacred Grand Bassin lake to worship and make offerings. Grand Bassin has been considered holy since water from India’s River Ganges was poured into the lake in the 1960s, and worshippers return home with lake water that they carry in bowls. Sunset is magical as devotees gather for prayer with the fragrance of incense floating in the air: an unforgettable, intimate and moving experience you’ll remember all your life. 

A Geological Wonder: Seven Coloured Earths

One of the treasures on Mauritius is the geological formation knows as The Seven Coloured Earths. The scenery is beautiful, with its own waterfall, but the main interest is the unusual sand dunes, surrounded by dense forest, which were created when cooling volcanic rock formed fantastical and crazy shapes in shades of red, yellow, purple, brown and orange. The uneven formations have a disconcerting effect on the eye, appearing to move and change hue by themselves. It’s good day out and there’s even a petting zoo with giant tortoises for the kids to finish off the trip.

Last Soulmates: The Bois Dentelle Trees

The Bois Dentelle, or Elaeocarpus Bojeri, tree boasts some remarkable qualities. The first thing to admire is its appearance: long, white cascades of blossom flowers. The second notable fact about the Bois Dentelle is that there are only 2 of them left on the entire planet. The trees are found way up in the misty forests of Grand Bassin hill and looked to be heading into extinction due to aggressive expansion of non-native plants until the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation and the Ministry of Agriculture stepped in to preserve this rarity for future generations to see with their own eyes.

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