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When you think of Los Angeles, California, you think sun, glitz and glamour. LA is a place everyone should visit at least once.  Top sights include Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach or the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The city you’ve seen so many times in the movies is even more fascinating and seductive when you’re there in person, so break out your sunglasses, pack your autograph book and sunscreen, and prepare to live the Los Angeles lifestyle. 

Destination Los Angeles with  the A380

Celebrate with the Stars: The Hollywood Christmas Parade

The Hollywood Christmas Parade takes place every year on the Sunday following Thanksgiving and follows a 3.5 kilometre route along the legendary Sunset Boulevard. The parade itself is a riot of floats, animals, music, animals and yes, Hollywood celebrities. Get a look at actors you’ve only ever seen on television, jump around to the marching bands, soak in the California sun and absorb this most Hollywood of experiences. LA is full of surprises and this is one you simply have to witness to believe.

Old Time Hollywood: The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

More park than cemetery, this is the lush resting place of many of old time Hollywood’s biggest stars including Mickey Rooney, Douglas Fairbanks, Cecil B. DeMille and Peter Lorre. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery has a long, storied and sometimes scandalous history beginning in 1920 and has been shut down several times, but has always resurrected. Legend has it that the cemetery was in such disrepair that it was temporarily closed after Mama Cass’s funeral in 1974 when bricks began falling in on the deceased singer.  It’s since undergone a complete upgrade and remains one of the most intriguing spots in LA.

Memories of San Fernando: The Valley Relics Museum

Housing an incredible array of Americana collected by San Fernando Valley native, Tommy Galinas, the Valley Relics Museum shows you the America you always knew existed.  Most of his collection is closely linked with the local area and you can find amazing retro pieces such as classic BMX bikes, totally unique automobiles, antique signage and no end of charming memorabilia. Discover what the San Fernando Valley is really all about through the eyes of a local. You could spend days here and still feel there’s more to see around the next corner.

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