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The wealthy city state of Kuwait, on the Arabian Peninsula, offers cooling sea breezes along with stunning modern architecture, world-class shopping, mosques, palaces, lively markets and amazing food. For beach lovers, Kuwait has around 290 kilometres of coastline, or else take in the local markets like Souk Sharq or the Fish Market. Discover why so many people are talking about Kuwait as the up-and-coming exotic destination in the Middle East.

Fun in the Sun: Hala February

Hala February runs annually, funnily enough, throughout February and celebrates the liberation of Kuwait. The festival puts on a real show with plenty of entertainment for tourists and visitors, including cultural shows, parades, music and general celebrations, giving you the chance to experience real Arabian warmth and hospitality for yourself. If you’re searching out a few shopping bargains, then this is the time for you to visit: huge discounts are available to shoppers during February so it’s worth hunting for some luxuries you might otherwise not be able to afford.

Lydia’s Story: The House of Mirror

This little museum in the suburbs of Kuwait City is housed in a beautifully quirky and charming house built from 102 tonnes of white cement and decorated with 77 tonnes of mirrors. The house was created by Lidia al-Qattan, the widow of a famous Kuwaiti artist, and every room tells its own tale – you’ll feel as if you are walking through Lidia’s life story as you wander around. The Mirror House invites contemplation and there’s a wonderfully tranquil and otherworldly feel to the place. Book ahead to make sure of a place on the tour.

Bargain Antiques : The Friday Market

The Friday Market is one of the oldest and most popular markets in Kuwait. Bustling by day, by night it truly comes alive with people from all over world all talking over coffee, eating local delicacies and checking out the many bargains on offer. This is the place to browse for antiques, hookah pipes, carpets and other Arabian specialities. If you’re looking to get a feel for Arab culture and chat to some locals while doing a bit of shopping,  then this is the place.

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