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One of the highlights of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is a port city on the Red Sea where ancient history and modern culture exist side by side. King Fahd’s Fountain is one of the many impressive works of public art. The King Abdullah Sports City is the best place to take in a game, and at Nasseef House you can learn more about local culture. If you’re looking for an elegant experience of the exotic, this is the ideal destination. 

Destination Jeddah with  the A380

Come Together for Culture: Jeddah Summer Festival

If you’re travelling to Jeddah in the summer, you’re in luck, as you’ll be able to take part in one of the most exciting cultural events of the year, the Jeddah Summer Festival. For nearly a month the city becomes an open-air party, with fireworks displays and live performances by some of the biggest stars in Saudi Arabia. You’ll also find numerous street stalls selling delicious food, folk art and much more. During the festival you can take in art exhibitions, hear literary readings and attend lectures. From high culture to street food, there’s something for everyone. 

Fresh and Colourful: Bangala Fish Market

The largest modern fish market in the Middle East, the Bangala Fish Market is a sight to behold. The market employs about 500 workers and up to 80 tons of fresh fish pass through every day. It’s best to come in the morning, when the fish is still being unloaded. But at any time of day you can roam through the bustling market, marvelling at the exotic fish and the expertise of the market employees. Whether you’re picking up some fish to cook or you’re just snapping photos, this is definitely one of the most authentic attractions in Jeddah. 

Stunning Sculpture: Makkah Gate at Night

You can admire numerous works of public art while you’re in Jeddah, but one that’s really unique is the Makkah Gate, especially if you come after dark. At the edge of the city you’ll find this sculpture of a giant book representing the Quran. The Makkah Gate is an impressive piece of work at any time, but the lighting on the sculpture is particularly dramatic, so you should come here at night to get the full effect. And don’t forget to bring your camera, as this is one of the city’s most iconic sights.

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