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As one of the happiest places in the world, Copenhagen, Denmark, has a lot to offer visitors to this stylish and laid-back city. Hop a ride in the 19th Century amusement park, Tivoli gardens; snap a selfie with the aptly named Little Mermaid; stroll along the Strøget, one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets; then finish off by grabbing a beer and resting your feet with a view of classic wooden yachts in Nyhavn. But Copenhagen’s many charms don’t end there.

Destination Copenhagen with the A380

A Merry July : Santa Clause World Congress

If you love Christmas, but don’t like the cold, then Copenhagen’s Santa Clause World Congress, which takes place every July in the old Bakken amusement park, is right up your alley. The congress, which is now in its 50th year, is a proud tradition that draws Santas from all over the world, not just the North Pole. It starts with a parade of Santas, who tease visiting kids by asking if they’ve been behaving, and is followed by a Santa swim and a procession through the city. All that’s left to say is “Ho, ho, ho!”

Working Class Chic: Nørrebro

To see how an old working class neighbourhood famous for its after-hours dive bars and take-away kebab stands has transformed itself into a multicultural hot spot full of trendy restaurants and cutting-edge fashion shops that, then look no further than Nørrebro. Here you’ll find a vibrant and casual scene that’s young at heart – no matter your age. On the high end, indulge yourself at Kiin Kiin, the only Michelin star Thai restaurant in the world. Then for the other extreme, follow this up with cheap beer and ping pong at Dupong. That’s Nørrebro!

Take a Break: Royal Library Gardens

For something more stately and clam, spend a few hours relaxing in the Royal Library Gardens, located between Christiansborg Palace and the Royal Library. Designed in 1920, the garden boasts blossoming beds of flowers, a stately lane of large leafy trees perfect for shade, and an eight-metre-high copper sculpture that rises from the middle of the garden pool and spouts water into the air every hour. And for those who prefer their bucolic reverie with a touch of existentialism, the garden is also home to a statue of Søren Kierkegaard.

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