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Bangkok, Thailand’s vibrant and dynamic capital, is famous for its food, fun and friendly people. Famous sights include the unmissable Wat Pho temple,  the Grand Palace and the Floating Market. Or hit up one of the only authentic Chinatown’s left to eat an endless array of mouth-watering street. Many people skip Bangkok and head straights for the islands. But stick around and you’ll see what makes Bangkok is one of the most exciting and intriguing cities in the world.

Destination Bangkok with the A380

Celebrate With the Locals: The Songkran Festival

The Thai New Year is a time for showing respect to elders and strengthening connections in the community. But it’s also about having a great time! The Songkran Festival really takes off on April 13th, New Year’s day in Thailand, when there’s a huge city-wide water fight across Bangkok, especially around the Patpong Road, and everyone’s invited! Wander the streets offering food to the Buddhist monks, throw water over your friends or simply sit back and soak up – pun intended! – the atmosphere. You’ll be lucky to stay dry!

Mysterious Bangkok: the Amulet Market

Between Maharat Road and the river lies Bangkok’s largest and most fascinating amulet market. Here you can find talismans of all kinds to ward off danger or protect you from illness. Whether you need to scare tigers away, guard against disease or make someone fall in love with you, you’ll find the right amulet here. There are hundreds of stalls and even if you’re not interested in buying anything, this is a fantastic location for people-watching. Just be careful of anyone casting an evil eye your way! 

Timeless Beauty: Wat Malathat Buddhist Temple

One of the oldest Buddhist shrines in Bangkok and a centre of Buddhist studies, Wat Mahathat captures the timeless and serene essence at the heart of Bangkok. This spectacular temple, with its beautiful garden, is part of a massive and awe-inspiring complex well worth visiting to learn more about Buddhism or even just to have your fortune told by monks. Hire a bicycle to take in the spectacular colours and the many statues of Buddha. There’s even a Buddha head embedded into a tree. Don’t forget your camera!

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