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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a city that is truly unique. With quaint brick houses built around a network of serene canals and a famously cosmopolitan ambiance, it offers travellers an unrivalled opportunity to enjoy European culture at its finest. From the Van Gogh Museum to the Anne Frank House to boat rides that take you along streets seemingly untouched by time, the city is a pinnacle of culture and refinement

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A Regal Way to Party: King’s Day

If you’re visiting Amsterdam at the end of April you’ll have the chance to participate in one of the country’s most joyous national holidays. With over a million people coming to the city to commemorate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, the capital’s open-air festivities are, by far, the Netherlands’s largest.

When you see all the locals decked out in festive orange and kingly attire at the carnivals and outdoor markets, you’ll have a hard time not joining in the singing and dancing. During the party, the city’s canals are filled with an annual parade of boats. 

Tight Fit: World’s Narrowest House

Amsterdam’s 17th century canal ring area contains a building that is often referred to as the narrowest in the world. In fact, it is the rear of the house at Singel 7 that measures just about one metre, essentially the same width as its door, while the front of the house is a bit wider.

When coming upon this architectural marvel, just be careful not to walk too fast, as it’s so narrow you don’t want to miss it as you go past!

City in Bloom: Floating Flower Market

The city’s canals also boast the only floating flower market in the world. Founded over 150 years ago when flowers arrived by boat from the countryside, the market is famous above all for its tulips. But you can find more than just tulips here, with a wide variety of flowers, bulbs, seeds, plants and even Christmas trees, along with souvenirs and Dutch cheese.

Whether you’re looking for additions for your home garden or a colourful treat for the eyes, the flower market is one of the city’s unique attractions and is certainly a must-see!

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