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In the global aviation industry, Qantas stands out as one of the most successful airlines. This Australian based carrier has built a long-standing reputation for being the world’s most experience airline. No other airline has flown as far as Qantas for as long as Qantas, which has a proud history of setting records and connecting people.

  • Qantas A380 First class
    Experience the comfort of Qantas’ A380 First cabin; a journey of unsurpassed luxury.
  • Qantas A380 Business class
    Whether it’s in the lounge, onboard or upon arrival. The Qantas A380 Business experience, is all about you.
  • Qantas A380 Premium Economy class
    Bringing you both comfort and value in the sky: experience the award-winning Qantas A380 Premium Economy.
  • Qantas A380 Economy class
    Sit back, relax and enjoy the Qantas A380 Economy onboard dining experience.

    Drawing on its 95 years of flying, the Qantas A380-800 is unfolding a new era of aviation. Qantas has designed an extraordinary flying experience with the world’s biggest passenger aircraft. Fly with comfort and exceptional service on your next journey.

    Qantas is world-recognized for its high quality A380 service. Operating from Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, this fleet of A380-800 airplanes serves destinations in the United States, Middle East and Europe.

    The A380’s extra space, advanced materials and technology have provided Qantas with the ideal platform to reinvent the in-flight experience for you. This A380 has won awards - in every class of service – a philosophy and flying experience that is consistent with Qantas’ tradition as a leader in long-haul travel. 

    You have plenty of entertainment options at your fingertips across the aircraft. The state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system includes more than 150 on-demand movies, some 800 television selections and 600 audio CDs. Also available are games, podcasts, destination information and more. PC power and connectivity are available on all A380 aircraft in First, Business and shared in Premium Economy and Economy– with outlets for your laptop and individual USB ports to charge your mobile phone.

    Qantas A380 First class

    First Class suites

    Located on the A380’s main deck are 14 private First Class suites. Understated luxury, premium design – that’s what makes First Class an experience to remember. You get maximum comfort with a seat that converts between a comfortable arm chair and a fully flat, extra-long wide bed. In-flight dining is taken to new heights with a unique restaurant-style dining experience. Consult one of Qantas’ Sommeliers in the Sky – exhaustively trained cabin crew – to make the right choice from the airline’s selection of award-winning wines and prestige champagnes. You will also enjoy luxurious amenity kits that include skincare products, toiletries, an eye mask and sleeper suits.

    Qantas A380 Business class

    Qantas brings you a new-generation experience to Business Class on the A380’s upper deck. This includes the award-winning Skybed. It offers the space to spread out and enjoy your flight with an extra-long, fully flat bed, ergonomic cushioning, larger entertainment screen, along with additional storage options and more privacy. Business Class travellers will experience luxury Australian-made spa products in Kate Spade and Jack Spade designed amenity kits. You can also access a special lounge area on the upper deck featuring comfortable leather sofas, a self-service bar and a large video monitor.

    Qantas A380 Premium Economy class

    Premium Economy travellers experience an exclusive spacious section on the aircraft’s upper deck. Your comfort is enhanced even more with an ergonomic design multi-way adjustable headrest, wide seat and personal screen television monitors. On your flight in Premium Economy, A stylish and custom-designed amenity kit by Country Road is complementary. Enjoy access to a selection of snacks and drinks, as part of Qantas’ continuous refreshment service and self-service snack bar available on the A380.

    Qantas A380 Ecomony class

    The A380 includes Qantas’ most comfortable International Economy seat to date, designed by renowned designer Marc Newson and built by Recaro. A sliding base moves with the seatback to create more comfort in a position that is tested to help you sleep and eliminate pressure points. Relaxation is enhanced with self-service bars in economy class located on the aircraft’s main deck.

    From & to Sydney

    Qantas A380 Destinations

    Qantas’ A380 services connect you to Sydney and Melbourne – two world-class cities that are major travel destinations in Australia. Qantas maintains flagship Sydney and Melbourne award-winning lounges for First Class and Business Class passengers. With fresh, delicious dining options, shower facilities, private work areas, it’s the only way to travel. Both of these hubs for Qantas’ A380 service are world-class airports with the excellent services, restaurants and shopping.