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Asiana Airlines is a truly global airline that offers an unsurpassed level of service. It serves you without compromise.

    The A380-800 further enhances Asiana Airlines customer service as strives to become the world’s greatest airline. The ASIANA 380 gives you a “premium experience” in all classes of service. As the largest passenger aircraft, it features the latest in aviation technology, and a quiet spacious atmosphere that has become a firm favourite for passengers.

    The A380 is proudly flying in the colours of Asiana Airlines. Take in the unmatched passenger experience on the AsianaA380 from Seoul, South Korea – with its service to major hubs in Asia and the United States.


    The A380 takes Asiana Airlines’ reputation for top-notch service and comfort to another level. It’s driving the carrier’s vision for the future with even more special services.

    As a passenger, you have access to personal high definition in-flight entertainment screens with a selection of the latest movies, documentaries, TV shows, music and games – all chosen to make your flight as enjoyable as it can be.

    High comfort in roomy private spaces

    Your own room, created when the twin sliding doors are closed, is spacious enough to accommodate two people. Enjoy the privilege of comfortable relaxation and recharge in your private space, made possible by ASIANA380’s First Suite Class. The ASIANA380 First Suite cabins are equipped with a 32-inch high-definition monitor, the world’s largest in-flight screen, adding vibrancy to the HD video content. Other advanced features such as video handsets with touch screens and top-notch headphones deliver theater-like experience

    Direct aisle access for undisturbed travel

    The zigzag staggered layout offers optimized movement patterns, giving each passenger direct access to the aisle without disturbing the passengers sitting in neighboring seats, no matter where the seat is located. The Business Smartium Class also features a wider personal space, providing a more pleasant in-flight environment.

    More room, higher comfort

    The ergonomically-designed seats are slimmer with more legroom. Although seats are 1-inch slimmer, the comfort and cushion remain unchanged, keeping you comfortable during flight. Further, foot rests provide stable support for your feet to reduce travel fatigue.

    From & to Seoul

    Asiana Airlines A380 Destinations

    Asiana Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, and operates its aircraft from the hub of Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul Incheon International Airport is an award-winning transportation hub that features an extensive range of leisure, shopping and dining options. It also allows Asiana Airlines to offer extra perks and amenities to its premium travellers. Asiana Airlines’ luxurious lounge service for First Class, Business Class and Star Alliance Gold Members is a center of hospitality, elegance and beauty away from the airport crowds. Stop and enjoy Seoul!